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WebEx Telepresence: Subscription plan features


Cisco WebEx Telepresence is offered with Jabber Video and premium subscription service plans. To subscribe to a service plan, work with a WebEx Telepresence authorized reseller or sales partner to choose your devices and plan. The reseller creates the order for the service, which automatically assigns a local video number and activation code for each system.

FeatureJabber Video servicePremium service
Available devicesJabber VideoC20, C40, C60, C90, EX60, EX90, E20, Profile 42", Profile 52", Profile 55", Profile 65", MX200, MX300, SX20, VX CA
Unique video number
Automatically assigned video address formatted as [video number]
Custom video address formatted as [display name]
Unlimited video calling (inbound and outbound)
Unlimited inbound voice calls from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
Outbound voice calls over PSTN (optional feature; additional charges apply)
Company directory
Personal bridge (available for use by both WebEx Telepresence and Jabber Video users)6-port9-port
MultiSite support

Depending on the device you choose for your service, you may need anywhere from 512 Kbps to 4 Mbps of bi-directional bandwidth, offering various levels of video quality. We recommend 1.28 Mbps for 720p30 and 4 Mbps for 1080p30.  These bandwidth numbers are dedicated for video calling, and should be in addition to any other Internet communication you may have.


It would be best to add MX300, VX Clinical Assistant and SX20 since they too now are supported