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Wireless Headset Remote Hookswitch Control in CME and UC500


This is a feature that allows users to remotely receive ring indication, adjust the volume, and to answer calls, end calls, and mute calls using a wireless headset. For information about how to use the wireless headset, refer users to the wireless headset documentation.

By default, the wireless headset remote hookswitch control feature is disabled. To enable in CME, use the following CLI:

UC520(config)# telephony-service
UC520(config-telephony)# service phone ehookEnable 1

U520(config-telephony)# create cnf-files

If auto asnwer is required or desired, the following command under the ephone configuration needs to be added (and the IP phone reset)

headset auto-answer line 1

Phone firmware 8.3(3) or higher is required. Don't forget to restart/reset the IP phones.

Here’s an example of some of the vendor collateral on this feature:

In general, the vendors are using the phones aux/rs-232-like port as the interface to the phone.  A adapter/HHC cable goes between the wireless base station and the headset port on the phone.

The Headset Hookswitch Control (HHC) feature is now fully available via Cisco phone firmware and hardware from GN Netcom.


•    Functionality: desktop phone user on wireless heaset can receive ring indication remotely, plus go onhook/offhook and control volume/mute, all without the burden of a mechanical lifter. This type of HHC functionality is also commonly referred to by the term ‘Electronic Hookswitch’

•    Requires wireless headset, base station and HHC adapter cable.  Jabra GN9350 and GN9120 model headsets have been tested and certified compatible via the Cisco Technology Development Partner program (reference: ; Technology is DECT: can answer/end calls up to 300 feet away from desk

•    Available only on Cisco Unified IP Phones 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G and 7975G

•    Enabled via 8.3(3) firmware (available since Oct ’07);

This feature bolsters Cisco’s UC story, allowing users to benefit from enhanced mobility and the ability to multitask (including leaving the desk area) while on a call. The wireless freedom improves ergonomics and work efficiency throughout the day. Note that it’s also a differentiator for the new ‘Advanced Media’ 79x2G and 79x5G model phones.

See for datasheets, FAQs, details on headset models, and other collateral.

Luis Giraldo

Thanks for the great post Marcos - very useful information. 

The phone load included with software pack 4.2.9 (for the 7975G specifically in my case) is only 8.3(2), and other documentation suggests that any newer firmware is untested and may not work. Latest firmware available is 8.4(3), should I load that firmware to my UC520, and will that cause some irreversible upgrade on the phone that wouldn't allow rolling back the firmware in case it doesn't work?



Marcos Hernandez

Happy to hear it's helping.

You can go back to the previous phone load very easily, by changing the "load" command under "telephony-service". It is really that simple. So go ahead and try the new load and let me know how it goes.


Luis Giraldo


Just wanted to report that everything went perfectly upgrading the firmware, and I now have HookSwitch capability.

Worth mentioning also, is that this works with Plantronic's products as well, with use of the APC-4 Hookswitch adapter and one of their compatible headset models. In my case, I'm using the CS351N model.

Thanks again for the help!



After entering the above cli, my 7975G phone still shows Headset Hookswitch Control Disabled. Am I missing something? Thanks Marcos for providing this. I check this site regularly now as it is providing very useful info.

Marcos Hernandez


You need to do a "create cnf-files" after you enter the command and then reset or restart the IP phone. I have edited the app note to reflect this missing step.

Let me know,




After adding create cnf-files command and restarting, my phone shows that the hookswitch is enabled. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


With the Introduction of CCA 2.0 is there any way to enable this setting without using the CLI?

Marcos Hernandez

No, CLI is still needed.




I have followed the above steps but my phones are still showing Headset Hookswitch Control: Disabled

Is there anything else I can check?



David Harper
Cisco Employee

There's not much to it.  Double check that you have the right type of phone and that the phone actually is running the right firmware, but your comment seems to suggest this is the case if you sre seeing that disabled state displayed on the phone itself.

Make sure that you have the config command exactly as above - it is case sensitive, and do a create cnf-files again.  Then do a hard reset of the phone to make sure it is downloading the updated config file.




OK I got it, everything was configured properly except the phone I was using to test. It was on the wrong subnet and was not able to contact the TFTP server.

Hi guys, I tested this and it was working only after the reccomended phone software upgrade and the CME config.

there is one thing bugging me. A reception phone with the exra line buttons on the side. It uses the AUX port. So in this schenario I cant use the wirelees hookswitch feature , right ?

Also does anyone know if the hookswitch option works with the SPA phones ?

My customer wish is simple. A phone that works with "hookswitch" and the remote headset answer/hangup over the wireless. And to have the extra line button attache to the side of the phone. Both use AUX port so....

regards. Kristjan Edvardsson

Sensa ehf. Cisco Gold Partner.



I have a problem - I followed the guide completely, but Hookswitch is still disabled.

- entered the commands

- restarted the ip phones

- firmware is 8.5.2

- adapter is plantronics apc-4, headset cs70n

- phone is 7962G and is working properly, apart from the hookswitch

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!