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Wireless Voice Deployments and Multicast Traffic - MoH and Paging


Multicast Music on Hold (MoH) for internal calls (IP phone-to-IP phone) is not supported when wireless voice is deployed using the SPA525G (in wireless mode) or the 7921/7925 WiFi IP phones. This is related to performance limitations with the AP521 device.

When you disable MoH for internal calls, Music on Hold for the external MoH port on the UC500 is also disabled.

To disable Music on Hold for internal calls using CCA:

1. Launch CCA and navigate to Configure > Telephony > Voice.

2. Click the Voice Features tab and go to the Music on Hold section of the tab.

3. Uncheck both Enable external music on hold port and Enable music on hold for internal calls.

Picture 2.png

• Unicast paging groups are required with wireless IP phones. A maximum of ten (10) phones can be in a unicast paging group.