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WRV210 VPN, quickvpn certificates & vpn connection issues


Hi, I have many issues with a WRV210 VPN Router.This is my setup:

     Internet  < ->  Cisco DPC2420       <->           Cisco WRV210                    <->           PCs

                         (broadband router)                     (Wifi VPN router)
                                  |                   192.168.1.x
                                                       LAN1         (wan port)                           LAN2                 

Client PCs: Windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1

WRV210, Firmware (latest),

DPC2420: broadband router provided by my ISP. (I disabled NAT, enabled VPN "passthrough"

QuickVPN: (latest)

- vpn client does not disconnect from router even after many days or even when I powered off the router.

  In the web admin page of the router, on "status"/"vpn client", a user appears "online" even when remote client is powered off
   The manual says that I should mark the checkbox and hit disconnect but there is no "disconnect" button, just a "save" button which has no effect.

   The user appears online even after days. Any solution? Any idea?

- QuickVPN client certificates not found, I generated the certificates as stated in manual and placed them on the folder of quickvpn, but it keeps saying there is no certificate, I read all about this issue and tried the obvious things such downloading latest quickvpn, reinstalling, running it as administrator, setting (win xp compatibility mode) notthing worked.

- Access VPN from internet through other Router (using DMZ)

I have my office with the CISCO DPC2420 broadband router with DDNS service configured.

  my WRV210 is behind that router, I pointed the DMZ of the DPC2420 to the WRV210 so that it receives incomming VPN connections.

  When I try to connect from my home to the office WRV210 VPN, quickVPN starts the connection process and fails on "activating policy".

  It gives you many possible causes of error, but no hint on which one (wrong server address, wrong password, etc).
   VPN works ok if I connect from LAN1 but not remotely (from home)
   The question is, is it enough to point the DMZ of the broadband router to the WRV210 to accept VPN connections?

  Should I disable some feature on DCP2420  to let VPN connections pass to the WRV210?
   Can the remote PC use the same IP range of the office LAN2 or should I set a different one?

Thanks for the help.