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WVC210 can not set wireless


I used to have a Lynksys N160 router and one day it died suddenly.  I replaced it with a N750 EA3500 router and finally figured out how to do all the pass through things I needed to do and can now see the camera while it is connected via eathernet wired.  I would like to get ig going via wireless.  I followed all the insturctions I coudl find but when it ask me to unplug the eathernet and recycle the camera it will not come up.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working once again via wireless?

Eric Moyers
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Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Forums.

My first thought would be to look at your WVC210 Screen and see what the IP is when it is hardwired to the network. Go into the setup screen and ensure that you have it set as a fixed IP instead of DHCP. Once you have this, while still staying local to the router and PC, turn camera off and unplug the Ethernet cable. then power back on the camera. Once it comes up there should be a power light, wireless light and the LCD screen should say fixed and the IP that you set in the GUI. If that happens then try to get into the camera from there. If you can then move to your permanent location.

If something does not go right then please give us a call at the Small Business Support Center.


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It did not work.  The Monitoring screen tries to connect but the wireless light on the camera does not turn green or even blinks. It does say on the display that it is "fixed" and the ip address showing is correct.  We do have wireless running because our laptop is working in that mode so I know that is working.

I tried to call and of course they say that device is out of warrenty and I can't get service on it.

Any other suggestions?  It works great when connected via ethernet but just can't seem to get it to acknowledge the wireless.  I am using a Lyksys N750 router.



Eric Moyers
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Sorry I have been out of the office.

That tells me that most likely the radio in the camera is dead. What is the serial number of the camera?


Community Member

the serial number is SER13430133.  The camera was working until our N160 router died. I bought the N750 and that caused me to have to set up the camera again on the new router and that took me a while since the router interface has significantly changed.

Thanks for any help you can lend me.


Eric Moyers
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The serial number comes up as expired.

Product Details

Bus Details                                  Start Date            End Date          Status

Software Center Access               10-Nov-2009         10-Feb-2013       EXPIRED

Return To Factory                        10-Nov-2009         07-Feb-2013       EXPIRED

Remote Tech Support Access       10-Nov-2009         02-Feb-2013      EXPIRED

I would try a factory reset and reflash firmware, if the wireless still does not come on. Time to look for another one.


Community Member

I downloaded the WVC210 Firmware Version   How do I reset to factory settings and reflash the firmware.  Do you have an instruction guide on this?  I looked around the camera product and support on the Cisco web but I did not see how to do this?

Thanks so much and I will stop bother you.


Community Member

I figured it out and upgraded and reset or reset first then upgraded and it did not provoke the wireless to work.  Do you have a camera that you would recommend?


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My name is AL Beschman. I have a Linksys/Cisco WVC210 PTZ camera.

I have it connected hard wired and it works OK. I had it connected 1.5 years ago wireless at our other home before we moved and it worked OK there wireless.

I am now unable to get it to work Wireless. I am new to what needs to be done to set it for wireless.

The serial number is 

ATC07J600092. I have had this camera a couple of years and it worked OK wireless 1.5 years ago. Can you help?



Eric Moyers
Rising star

Hello Mr. Beschman, Thank you for reaching out to me.

Not knowing what steps you followed to try to get wireless working I will just give you the complete run down.

Once the camera is setup and working on a wired network you then next need to configure the Wireless settings.

Configure Wireless Settings

Step 1. Go to the device's IP address and choose Setup > Basic Setup.

Step 2. To configure the wireless settings, change the following information:

• SSID — Enter the network's network name here. This is the name that will be displayed when you search for networks to connect to. “Whatever your router’s wireless SSID is”

• Network Type — Select the network's mode:

– Infrastructure — When Infrastructure is selected, the camera will then connect to a central device like a router to manage its wireless networks.

– Ad-hoc — When Ad-hoc is selected, then the camera will not need to connect to a central device like a router to manage wireless networks.

• Channel No — If the camera is set to Ad-hoc mode, then select the appropriate channel from the list provided to go along with your network settings. Every device inside your network need to use the same channel in order for it to function correctly. If Infrastructure is selected, then you cannot choose a channel. The channel is automatically configured.

Step 3. Click Edit Security Settings to open up the Wireless Security window.

Step 4. Select the security mode you wish to use in the Security Mode drop down list and click Apply to apply your changes.

• Disable — Select this option if you do not want any wireless security.

• WEP — Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a weak form of wireless security. It can include a 64-bit key with 10 hexadecimal digits, or a 128-bit key with 26 hexadecimal digits.

• WPA Personal — Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is the improvement over WEP in terms of security.

• WPA2 Personal — There is only a slight difference between WPA and WPA2. The main part is the addition of an algorithm that plugged a security hole in WPA.

• WPA/WPA2 Enterprise — If you use the Enterprise selection, than in order for it to function a RADIUS server must be set up. Along with this addition, when someone tries to log onto the device, they are prompted for a username and password.

Step 5. Click Save to save and apply all of your changes.

After this is done you will then need to follow the next settings

Wired Network to Wireless Network

Step 1. Unplug the power adapter from the camera.

Step 2. Unplug the Ethernet network cable from the camera.

Step 3. Connect the power adapter again to the power port on the camera.

Step 4. The Camera is ready to use when the Ready and Wireless LED'S are solidly lit.

Wireless Network to Wired Network

Step 1. Unplug the Camera's power adapter from the camera.

Step 2. Connect one end of the Ethernet network cable to camera and other end to the PC or Router.

Step 3. Reconnect the power adapter to the power port on the camera.

Step 4. The Camera is ready to use when the Ready and Wireless LED'S are solidly lit.

NOTE: Power OFF the camera before it is changed from Wireless network to Wired network or Wired network to Wireless network.