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WVC210 Surveillance Camera Gmail Issues


Cisco Small Business Engineering has released  beta firmware (v that resolves identified issues with Gmail. Please note this firmware is beta release and is only available when you open a support case with the Small Business Support Center. This firmware is not available from Cisco Download Center.

This beta firmware provides the ability for the WVC210 camera to:

  • Add Gmail functionality that was available on the 1.0.0 (initial shipment) firmware
  • No other added or reduced functionalities to the existing firmware
  • No other bug fixes to the existing firmware

To request the beta firmware:

  1. Contact the Small Business Support Center. You’ll find international phone numbers here:
  2. Tell the support engineer that you are requesting WVC210 beta firmware v. to provide Gmail support. The engineer will open and escalate a case in your behalf.
  3. The support engineer will email the new firmware to you either immediately or within 24 hours. Please note you will be required to accept a Beta Trial Firmware Agreement.

Thank you for choosing Cisco Small Business.

Community Member

Is this firmware available to the public yet? I have tried both firmware packages I found so far on this forum and neither have allowed me to use the email feature.

WVC210_FW_1.1.1.15.bin & WVC210_FW_V1_1_0_12.bin

Is anyone using an email service without SSL? If so what one?

Eric Moyers
Rising star

Beta Firmware v. is still only available through escalation to our Level 2 group. There are a couple of workarounds available for this.

Please see this thread:

Eric Moyers

Eric Moyers
Rising star

For this issue, when calling into the Small Business Support Center please be ready to provide the following information to expedite your escalation:

Cisco User ID, if you do not have one you can go to and create one for free.

Hardware Info (with proper SKU ID):

Current Firmware version:

Was the camera reset to factory default after last firmware upgrade:

No of Cameras having the problem:

Have the units been replaced before?:

Are you using the AVMS software being used?:


Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Support Engineer

SBSC Wireless and Surveillance SME

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless


Community Member

eric ,

does this still hold true to get access to firmware v. for wvc210 ?  why cant they just post it as a beta or point us to where it is hosted?

Eric Moyers
Rising star

Yes sir this is still true. I do not know the specifics, but my guess is that because this version is just a one-off to bring back the ability to work with G-mail. For the few people that were using that functionality.

Since it is not the normal firmware, the group that manages this firmware requires an agreement form to be signed.


Eric Moyers

Community Member

I am also looking for this firmware. How do i get it? i tried calling but they will not help me since it is out of warranty.


I have had a case open with Cisco on this issue for years but Cisco refuses to give me the latest software that could fix my gmail issue. 

I have called & tried to obtain WVC210 beta firmware v. but was told I cannot have it because my camera is no longer under waranty. 

This hardly seems fair as I opened a case long ago when my cameras were under warranty. 

Can someone please help me obtain the newest beta firmware?

Eric Moyers
Rising star


With that being said, this is the update to this thread.

The beta that was available, which allowed a work around for customer to use the cameras with GMAIL and other mail servers that require SSL authentication is no longer useful.

In Jan 2013 Gmail made a change to the required

From Google Support Forums:

Messages with DKIM signatures use a key to sign messages. Messages signed with short keys can be easily spoofed (see, so a message signed with a short key is no longer an indication that the message is properly authenticated. To best protect our users, Gmail will begin treating emails signed with less than 1024-bit keys as unsigned, starting in January 2013. We highly recommend that all senders using short keys switch to RSA keys that are at least 1024-bits long.

From my understanding, the WVC210 falls in this category, uses less than a 1024 bit key. That is why the beta firmware is no longer available. It will not resolve the issue anymore.

We can no longer support this issue with firmware updates since the devices are EOL/EOS.

Eric Moyers

Wireless and Surveillance Subject Matter Expert