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Cisco Business Design thinking Workshop: San Jose

Cisco Employee

Hello @All , 


I am Bhuvi Chopra, a product manager on the Cisco Business (formerly SBTG) Team.


Cisco Business is excited to offer its San Jose customers a unique opportunity to join us at Cisco headquarters for a design thinking workshop. This exclusive gathering, of no more than 20 people, is designed for an immersive interactive one-day session between customers and product managers. The workshop will be a dynamic mix of short instructional steps, latest cisco business devices (RV router, SG switches and WAP access points with FindIT) and guided hands-on teamwork.


Who is the audience for the workshop?

If you are an IT professional at a company with 25-200 employees, small MSP, partner or distributor.


What does this mean?

You would be able to interact with the Cisco Business products, share your feedback and experiences with the team. You will have direct input to Cisco's product management, engineering and design teams.


Is there an NDA required?

This is an exclusive close door workshop so we would require that you sign an NDA covering our Designs, Business Plans and IP.


When will this occur?

This is an all day workshop tentative planned for 6th or 11th December 2019.


What are my next steps?

If you are interested in this exclusive workshop, please fill the survey.


We look forward to hearing from you.