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Leah Davis

From: ttrentler

Want to add true Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) features to your UC520 or CME on ISR install?

The Cisco Unified CallConnector for Windows is worth a look. It builds on the CME TSP software that is distributed with CME. This product is designed for CME on the ISR and the UC00 Series. It comes in two versions Personal and Server.

The Personal Version Adds a toolbar for call control in Outlook and Internet Explorer (dial, answer, transfer, park, pickup)

It Provides a personal and corporate dialing directory and a screen pop on inbound calls with CLID/Name

Screen Pop

Click to dial from a toolbar or highlight a number from any application

Click to call

The Server version can be intalled on a Cisco MCS or customer provided server and it provides Presense information.

Presense Info

Presense  can be extended by adding the Cisco Unified CallConnector Mobility solution.  This lets users add rules to incoming calls to route them based on presense.

Route Calls

All in all I think this is a pretty interesting add on for CME.

Now for my product.wish list. . .  It would be nice if they could figure a way to run this off of a Unity Express network module and bundle it into the core price of CME/Unity.  Since CME is targeted at Small and Medium Business, asking customers to add a server and separately licence call processing features could be a hard pill for some to swallow. Though some custmers will see the productivity enhancement and jump at it. Just my .02.  I look forward to seeing this product evolve.


Not everybody uses Microsoft Internet Explorer - what about Firefox plugin? Can we expect one in near future?

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


There are no plans to support Firefox at this time, but I have sent your request to the team and they have said that they will consider it for the future.

Thank you,

Cisco Moderation Team

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