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Configure WebEx Phone Connect on UC500 Series


The objective of this document is to configure the Webex phone connect on Unified Communications (UC) 500 series devices.This article helps to configure and make necessary changes in the UC500.

Applicable Devices

• Unified Communication (UC) 500 Series

Software Version

•  v3.0.1 [Cisco Configuration Assistant]
•  v8.6.0 [UC540]

Webex Site Administration

Note: Site ID, Site Name and Administrator credentials are required to enable Webex features on the UC500 Series.

 Edit User

Step 1.  Setup all user accounts with meeting Call-In info (meeting #, Toll Free #, Toll #) and Dial Out Prefix.

Note:  Users must have a voicemail account in CUE.

Step 2. To setup a meeting, a user must login to the WebEx account, setup a meeting and invite all  users. Once setup, the meeting information will show up on the invitee's phone screen once they select the WebEx service option.

Configuration on CCA 3.0.1

Step 1. use the Cisco Configuration Assistant utility, navigate to Applications > Smart Applications Manager.

Step 2.  Click Configure, CCA will do the following:

• Enable HTTPS Communication

This setting creates the HTTPS private certificate used by CCA and the Connect Client to connect to the PhoneConnect Web Services API.

HTTPS Authentication

• Authentication

This setting creates the Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) Authentication Server.

Authentication URL

Step 3. Credentials and authentication URL used by WebEx PhoneConnect to authenticate inbound requests to phones.

Username and Password

Step 4. Once authenticated, the Webex Application menu pops up.

App Menu

Step 5. Adjust the password to what you set when you built these users on Webex site. This is required so the PHONE gets the right credentials.

Password Adjust

Step 6. Click OK. At this point the phones reset and come back to registered status.

Step 7. Now since this is a new system (factory reset with only TSW specified data), you will need to provide the DNS information.

DNS Info

Step 8. You will see a pop up requesting you to enable NAT.

Enable NAT

 Step 9. Nat is enabled and click OK.

Click OK

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