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Skyler Spence

The Historical Reporting application is a simple to use and versatile option for viewing a subset of your UC520 call history.  Information about calls that come into the Cisco Unity Express system is stored in a local database and can be utilized to create a variety of reports in multiple formats.  For example, a report can be generated to show the rate at which calls are placed to the Auto Attendant within a time frame.  One important limitation of the application is that calls that do not access a CUE application will not be recorded, for instance a call between local extensions.  Reports may be generated by either using the CLI to access an FTP server, or by using the Cisco CUE Historical Reporting Client desktop application.  The client application offers an intuitive GUI interface allowing simple access and more advanced functionality.  One important thing to consider when downloading the client application is to make sure the client version matches with the version of CUE currently installed on the UC520.  To check the version of CUE you are running, either run a 'show software version' command in CUE's CLI or read the software pack 'readme.txt' file located at the downloads page of this community.

Instructions for configuring Historical Reporting on your system, the configuration guide is found at:

A configuration guide for the desktop client may be found at:

Finally, for information on other call accounting options available on the UC520, please refer to this document on the support community:

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