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Cisco Smart business Communications Systems July Partner Webinar
SBCS July Partner Webinar


What does the acronym "CUE" mean?

CUE = Cisco Unity Express It is the voicemail, fax and autoattendant module built into the UC500

Does the Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) still wipe out any config you did?

Earlier versions of CCA deleted the ephone configurations before applying any changes. This behavior is no longer the case with CCA 1.6 or above. We will also be publishing CLI configuration guidelines so that partners have the option of creating customized configurations which will not conflict with CCA.

Can I have configure my system as a PBX without having to dial 9.  Can I append every outgoing call?

This is configurable using the CLI. Our generation recommendation is to have users dial 9 to reach an outside line in PBX mode, to avoid conflicts with internal extensions.

What does "PSTN" mean?

PSTN = Publicly Switched Telephone Network

It is a generic term that refers to analog/ISDN land lines and mobile phone carrier lines that use legacy, non-VoIP technologies.

Can the first button be changed to remove the dial nine access?

The first button on the phone can be customized to remove the 9 for outbound calls.

Can Key system can still have a SIP provider?

No, SIP trunk uses Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) which is a PBX feature not supported in key systems.

What would be the overprovisioning ratio for FXO lines?

This depends on the UC500 chassis and number of users supported on the platform. For example, if you had an 8 user system with 4 FXO lines, the ratio would be 2:1. If you had a 48 user system with 8 FXO lines, the ratio would be 48:8 or 6:1. With the 48 user system you also have the option of adding a 4 port FXO card to change the ratio to 48:12 or 4:1.

Can you contrast phone set configuration with PBX mode: especially difference?

Please refer the Keysystem vs PBX section of the presentation.

I have some LinksysOne phones that look the same as a 7931.  Do we have a method for converting between the phones?

No, this is not supported.

Key Systems are somewhat antiquated... I'm trying to figure out why I would prefer it over PBX? can you provide some reasons?

If you customer is accustomed to key system phones and is using services such as telco based voicemail & conference calling, keysystem mode can meet the customer’s currentneeds. The same software & hardware can be gradually migrated to more current technologies such as SIP trunk without any additional cost to the customer.

What would be the number of available CO lines on the PC software client?

When provisioning through CCA, the max CO lines on the Cisco IP Communicator(CIPC) PC client is 7

When in PBX I program a button as a trunk on a phone it does not show busy as when it is accessed by dialing 9

You can have your line appear busy when accessed by a IP phones dialng 9, or for incoming calls by entering monitor-port command below. Port x/x/x is the port mapped to your button. This configuration will not be over-written by CCA.

ephone-dn  54

number 3A10 no-reg primary

label CO Line 1

trunk A0 monitor-port x/x/x

Are there any resources anywhere for integrating the UC520 with Microsoft OCS 2007?

No, Microsoft OCS 2007 is an Enterprise branch office application. Integration guides for Cisco Enterprise solutions such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco voice gateways are posted below:

Where can we find more information on SIP?  (Benefits and details of the technology)

Additional information with respect to SIP is provided in the Supportwiki. You can also contact your local SIP provider for the specific benefits that may be available through the provider

With a 7961G phone is the maximum 7914 only two?

The maximum number of 7914 for any 7900 series phone is two.

Will there be functionallity available at sometime to assign speed dials to a specific button, either through CCA or CLI?

Currently Speed-dials are assigned to the first available button. Cisco Unified Commmunications Manager Business Edition or Cisco Unified Commmunications Manager are Cisco call processing solutions that provide this option.

Which line does speed dial pick when it uses 1st button?

The FXO line that the speed-dial will pick is by default determined randomly amongst available FXO lines. This can be customized using CLI to set preferences for which FXO line gets selected first.

Can you join a call in progress or is their auto privacy on all calls

By default, there is privacy on 1-to-1 calls. Barge functionality is on the roadmap for CY09

If I wanted a specific extension forwarded to a CELL phone, what feature is that?

“Call Forward All” is a commonly used feature to forward calls to cell phone or any external number

What package has CUE 3.0 ?

CUE 3.0.3 is included with software pack 4.2.7, available for download on supportwiki

Can you configure Live Record from the CUE GUI or just CLI?

Live Record can be configured from CUE GUI as well as CLI. For GUI, the configuration options are under “Voice Mail > VM Configuration”. Instructions on configuring Live Record via the CUE GUI are posted below:

How would you allow a certain set of users to answer certain calls?  An example would be an incoming caller dials extension 310 to get to sales and then any one of three sales people should be able to answer that call.

You can configure shared line with extension 310, and any phone that shares the line will ring and can pickup the call.

I think the voicemail is 14 hours; any plans to increase that?

This is being looked into, but there is no committed solution to do this.

Why do you have to do a call forward all while recording a call?

The “call-forward all” is required under the dummy ephone-dn so that all the calls to the “live-record pilot-number” can be immediately forwarded to CUE.

I have not been able to get the notifications to work.  Also the email.  Is there another good admin guide?

Message notification feature is supported outside of CCA using CLI. CUE Admin guide for this feature is at

I cannot get MWI to work for any phone ... according to some help guides I found on the web, I have everything set up correctly

Make sure that the UC500 is configured through CCA. CCA enables all the software features to get the MWI to work. If CCA configuration does not work, please send the log files to Instructions on how to collect the log files are posted below:

Can we CUE page every 5 minutes to the same pager if not picked up?

Message notification has a cascading option. This can go up to a depth of 2 – this will allow 2 additional user profiles to be notified if the voicemail is not checked after the 1st notification. All the notifications are sent simultaneously, so the only option to send notification to the same pager would be to define the pager under the additional user profiles.

Is there a way to increase the volume on voicemail .wav file

There isn’t any way to change the voicemail greeting/prompts. Auto Attendant greetings/prompts can be changed.

We've implemented cascading and noticed that it does not stop when a message is saved.  Subsequent cascading users continue to be notified.  Is this something I should contact the TAC for?

Yes, please open a TAC case to get assistance around this. Please follow procedure below to create a .zip file that contains the UC500 and application log file and attach this file to your case to facilitate troubleshooting.

What is the fax message file format?

The fax attachment will be in the “tiff” format.

Is Shared Line feature supported?

Shared line feature is supported through CCA 1.5 release and later.

Are there additional licensing fees for message recording or faxing?

There are no additional licensing fees for message recording and faxing

Is it possible via CLI to send to an outside email address, without using IMAP?

Enabling email notification (with voicemail as attachment) will be one option of notifying a person for a new Voicemail. However, this will not have the benefits of IMAP client/server.

Are there plans to have the fax created as a PDF instead of a TIFF?

No, there are no current plans to convert this to PDF.

What does TUI stand for?

TUI = Telephony User Interface

It is the voice prompt and touchtone driven audio menu used to configure voicemail and prompt management features in CUE.

Do we have a date for when new installs will always / only have a SIP connection?

SIP Trunks or traditional links to the PSTN will continue to coexist for many more years. We do see SIP Trunking becoming used over time.

Can you configure more than one SIP trunk (UC520 multisite linked) and a SIP provider?

You can configure failover from primary Sip trunk to secondary sip trunk or analog/ISDN trunk using CLI.

Can we have a managed sip trunk as primary, but failover to a unmanaged sip trunk?

You can configure failover from primary SIP trunk to secondary SIP trunk or analog/ISDN trunk using CLI.

Should we configure transcoding or MTP for SIP trunking?

Transcoding is only required if your SIP trunk provider uses g.729 (compressed) codec

I need to upgrade / upload more backgrounds for customer 7970s. I cannot find these. Are these provided or part of the IP phone localization upgrades?

A few sample background images are bundled into the system, if you are using UC500 Software Pack 4.2.7, you will find 5 background images for color IP phones

There are changes that have to made in the CLI, and some in CCA. Is there changes that can be made in either one, and if so what are the procedures for saving the changes?

We will be posting guidelines for partners that want to mix CCA & CLI config such that configs can be saved without conflicts

I still notice the VLAN database disappearing beween Image upgrades... will that be fixed in a future IOS release? I'm having to create the VLAN database even though VLANs are configured in the main CME config and show up in CCA.

The vlan.dat file in uc500 flash contains the vlan database. As long as this file is not deleted, the VLAN database should be preserved between image upgrades.

I see that you that Cbeyond and ATT as your partners how is ATT and Cbeyond different ? Who is the Channel Manager of Cbeyond in Atlanta office? I want to talk to him/her about partnering with Cbeyond for Alabama, Tennessee etc.

Each SBCS SIP Trunk partner provider has diffrences in terms of package offering and also locaitons where they offer the service.

Yes the SIP trunks support both voice and fax

Can you move completely to SIP trunks for voice and fax and use the UC500 to receive faxes through the SIP trunk?

Yes the SIP trunks support both voice and fax.

In what areas is Cbeyond service available?

The areas are mentioned in the presentation posted to the Supportwiki

Does fax receipt over a SIP trunk depend on the SIP provider?

Yes for all our providers that are partners fax is supported over SIP trunks

What is H323 ?

H.323 is another VoIP signaling protocol similar to SIP. It is an older VoIP protocol common in private Enterprise networks, but is not as well deployed for trunking as SIP

What is the supportwiki website?

The supportwiki is a site managed by Cisco Small Business Communications System (SBCS) team to support the partner community. It utilizes Web 2.0 technology similar to Wikipedia to provide 2 way communications to answer commonly asked questions, provide video content for configuration tasks and provide free downloads for the UC500.

How can we get a demo kit?

Please contact your local Cisco representative to purchase a Not-For-Resale (NFR) demo kit for SBCS products.

Can anyone port the supportwiki link please

How many "ports" can be used for fax on CUE?

The 6 ports available for voicemail and autoattendant are available for fax on CUE

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