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SBCS Monthly Webcast Webex Session Recording (No login required)

Q & A

Q: Is there any functional reason for recommending the 871W over the standard 871 (besides the wireless option)?

Besides the wireless interface, these two routers are functionally equivalent.  Both are supported by Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA).

Q: How do we know what version of UC500 code we have and where do we go to upgrade to the latest version?

Using CCA, connect to your UC500 and select the Maintenance > Software Upgrade menu.  Once the display refreshes, the current UC500 IOS and Unity Express (CUE) releases will be displayed in the Current Version column.  You may also use this screen to upgrade your UC500.  The latest software may be downloaded from this Wiki Page.

Q: I still have not found any good documentation which describes the voice options in the CCA; Do you know any good documentation for configuring uc520 with CCA?

Probably the best documentation for describing how to configure specific features using CCA is the CCA online help.  When using CCA, just click on the question mark (?), click the Help button or press F1 to get help for the current screen.

Q: Does CCA now support individual country dial plans?

Not yet - We plan to support custom dial plans in CCA in the New Year.

Q: Is Skystone also for chat? Or just for voice?

Skystone is only for the voice channel.

Q: How many Skype users can we configure in Skystone to route calls to our UC520?

The number of users is essentially unlimited.  Refer to the Skystone documentation for further details.

Q: How does the Stonevoice solution license use of Skype? The license for standard end-user client is non-commercial. Does Skystone mean we can use it in commercial environment?

The Skype account and client is free. We have used the API to receive calls in a UC500 environment and this is the license that is being paid to Stonevoice.

Q: Is there a date for the August session?

Tuesday 5th August at 1300 CET.  An invite will be sent out shortly.

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