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SBCS Monthly Webcast - APAC
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Q & A

Q: What's the background/reason for the 5 users per site?

Limit set to customer-driven value. There was demand to support 5 users per site, though that is an arbitrary limit. Once you get larger than 5 users, we recommend installing another UC500.

Q: If an office has 256K of upstream bandwidth, can they only have 2 teleworkers on a call at the same time?

Yes, though dependent on codec. With G.711 codec, 2 simultaneous calls is the limit. If you have five sites where phones won’t be in use at same time, you could have simultaneous calls, but there are limits. There is no explicit call admission control to prevent you overrunning that limit.

Q: For Desktop model, can I have ISDN-30 and MeetMe conferencing working together?

No. The desktop model does not have sufficient DSP capacity to do both those functions simultaneously. You have a choice between either having an ISDN PRI installed on box or MeetMe/multi-party conferencing greater than 3 parties. There is not sufficient DSP capacity in the box to do both functions simultaneously. Also, on desktop model is limited to ISDN-20 – there are 22 channels on a primary rate, but in a lot of markets channels are delivered in bundles of 10 (10/20/30).

Q: Is there Security on Skystone Skype Gateway calls?

Skype gateway makes use of Skype client for setting up Skype leg of call. That suggests that any security capabilities inherent in Skype network may be available – but that needs to be confirmed with Stonevoice directly.

Q: Can I connect an IP phone or IP Communicator without using VPN connection to UC520?

While it may be technically possible to do that, the protocol that is used is SCCP and that protocol doesn’t provide any security or authentication of the signaling.  Recommendation is only having remote phones or soft-phones accessing back to UC500 over a VPN Tunnel.

Q: What is the DSP capacity on each UC500 model?

There are physically 2 DSPs on desktop form factor and 4 on rackmount form factor. Each individual DSP supports approx. up to 16 channels of voice traffic per DSP. DSP will only be engaged if the call is going through an analog or ISN trunk, or if you’re doing multi-party conferencing greater than 3-party conferencing. When doing multi-party conferencing, we need to dedicate a full DSP to run the conferencing application. The practical outcome of that is that there are some limitations of the desktop user model. With the rackmount user model, there really aren’t any limitations.

Q: How does Skystone GW integrate with SBCS?

Believe Skystone uses SIP on LAN side between UC500 and the Skystone GW.

Q: Is there a release date for Call Manager Express 4.3?

That is available now from software library downloadable as 12.4(20)T. It is not yet in a UC500 software bundle as we are waiting on release of a voicemail update and some other things before it’s published. The latest software may be downloaded from this Wiki Page.

Q: Are parallel hunt group supported in 12.4(20)T?


Q: Does the latest UC520 IOS/CUE 3.0 do fax integration. How does this fax feature work, and where can I find documentation?

Yes. It’s a little involved to go into details, but essentially you allocate or share a DID for inbound calls. If a fax machine is detected at the other end the UC500 terminates the call (acts as the B party end of call), UC500 collects fax image and saves it to your voicemail box as a fax message. There is a far amount of documentation on how to set this up on the Support WIKI.

Q: Is the watch function compared to monitor function in 12.4(20)T?

Yes. The difference is that monitor button will monitor a specific directory number whereas a watch button will monitor an entire phone.

Q: CDR records – does UC500 report on CDRs (present nice formatted summary of info)?

No, but it collects CDRs and will deliver them to a server by various mechanisms. Currently, there is ability to collect CDRs using radius, syslog or snmp. There are a number of applications that will collect CDR records and analyze them for you. For example, the application from Stonevoice and ISI also produces billing package. Also, in CME 4.3 release there is also ability to save CDRs in CSV format either to Flash file system on UC500 or to FTP file server.

Q: Is there any workaround for DSP capacity limitations on the desktop model system?

No, you can’t upgrade the DSPs in the desktop model – it is a fixed capacity platform. One possible option for allowing you to use compressed voice out to a telecommuter site is to configure the codec for the wide area as G.729 preferred with ability to fall back to G.711. that will mean anyphone to phone call will be G.729 and any calls that go to VM or aa will be G.711. That’s one workaround.

Q: Are we planning to do anything about DSP limitation on desktop platform?

No - this isn’t anything that can be readily changed as it is a physical hardware limitations (number of chips soldered onto board).

Q: SBCS 500 Series Routers (SR500)?

The SR500 series router is a router that is being positioned as part of SBCSsolution as a telecommuter and WAN access router. We are looking to have SR500 shipping in second half of CY08. Capability is similar to 870 series router but industrial design is similar to other SBCS products.

Q: SR500 - CLI or Web Console?

Managed through CCA. If you are comfortable with using CLI, you can certainly use it to manage router. However, the primary provisioning interface for SR500 is expected to be CCA.

Q: SHDSL on SR500?

Not at this time – Ethernet and ADSL WAN for initial shipments.

Q: With 4.3, if installed and having issues it is not officially supported under a smartnet? 

12.4(20)T (CME 4.3) is TAC supported with a Smartnet contract.  We are positioning it as an early adopter release for now until CCA supports the new features, but it is definitely supported.

Q: What is the timeframe on Australia locale?

Depends what you mean by an Australian locale.  If you mean VM & AA prompts, then this is a way out yet, and we recommend that you use UK English for now.

Q: When will there be 802.11n in uc500/500 series routers?

Nothing planned at this stage

Q: Is there an offline script editor for CUE?

The offline script editor has been available since product release - downloadable from the CUE software page in the software library.  It is rather more complex than the editor express tool though.

Q: Is the blackberry dual mode voice supported on UC500

Not at this stage.  Currently this is only available as part of the Vodafone offering .

Q: Any news on mac version of call connector?

Not yet.

Q: Is there any plan to support multiple sip trunks to different providers?

This is something that we have planned, but no committed date for availability yet.

Q: Can we integrate 5 UC500 with an ISR CCME?

If you are doing a full mesh of tunnels, then this will not be supported, as the ISR is considered a site in the five site limit.  But if it were 4xUC500 and an ISR, or a hub'n'spoke model with the ISR in the centre, then this is ok.

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