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The following videos demonstrate some of the end user (IP Phone User) features available with the Unified Communications 500 System. They can be leveraged by partners who want to quickly show the potential applications of the SBCS Voice Solution, without having to setup a live Demo Kit.

These videos are also available under Mike Allen's YouTube channel:

The main theme in this demonstration is "The Office", a popular TV show in the UK and the US, where the SMB is a very "interesting" (to say the least) paper company.


End User Features

Personal Speed Dials and System Speed Dials

XML Services for the Unified Communications 500 System

VoiceView Express (Visual Voicemail)

Extension Mobility

Ringers and Desktops
Meet me Conferencing

Live Record (Call Recording)

Intercom Calls
Cisco SPA525G Wifi Phone


This configuration was recorded for Cisco partners that have deployed "TheOffice" demo kit from .

*Note, for end users or purchasers of a Cisco "Smart Business Communication System". This configuration can take place after your system administrator enables IMAP in Cisco Unity Express (Voice Mail). Please contact the person you purchased your system from for more information specific to your solution/ system.

To find out more information please log onto


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