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Captive portal behavior

Captive portal behavior
Thank you for your help.


I want to use the captive portal function to force the user to link to the URL specified here by Wi-Fi connection word.

I set the following OS and settings and did some tests on windows / android / iphone / ipad / Mac.

Basically it didn't work.

Somehow, the behavior that is not good for android devices is seen, such as those that disappear as soon as the specified page comes out, those that do not come out in the first place, etc. (In addition, a security certification screen appears, etc. It is just a behavior that was not seen in Apple products.)


While I was investigating some things, android was basically not good (incompatible), but is it the same with this model?

If you know any solution, please tell me how to change the settings.

Thanking you in advance.



Model name: Cisco CT2504 (OS /

Settings: HTTP-HTTPS configuration
HTTP Access: Disable
HTTPS Access: Enable
WebAuth SecureWeb: Disable
HTTPS Redirection: Enable