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How to send all traffic via VPN tunnel on Cisco RV215W router

Previously (at other models Cisco RV220 , Cisco RV042) we was able to use route or option „any address“.

On RV215W we get error message like in attachment? Is this a firmware issue? Please advise us?


Jorge Obregon
Cisco Employee

Hello Vedret, 


I hope you are doing fine,


Regarding this issue you should be able to select "any" under the subnet drop down menu. 

if not I would advise you to have the latest firmware version .


If you are still having the issue I would advise you to dial 1866-606-1866 so we can help you to open a case and investigate a little bit more about this issue and escalate it if possible. 


Thank you for contacting Cisco Small Business. 



I'm bringing up an ASA5505 which certain traffic needs to be able to go through the VPN tunnel to reach the destination and back though our MPLS connection. What I'm unsure of is the configuration on that ASA5505 and what needs to be changed (if anything) on the other VPN endpoint (Cisco 2691 Router Version 12.3(19)). Once the traffic reaches the 2691 it should be able to get to the destination but need to make sure it comes back through the tunnel. The tunnel is already up with a Cisco RV215W router but does not support these kind of features.


Just curious. How similar is this to the configurations for the same thing on an ASA? Looking over the configs it looks pretty close. This is the one thing on firewalls that really throws me off. Great article by the way!

see: ShowBox Lucky Patcher Kodi