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Announcement“Cisco Design Thinking Workshop”. Cisco Small Business is excited to invite its Silicon Valley customers to an exclusive interactive one-day session between customers and product Managers.  If you are interested in this exclusive workshop, please fill out the Registration Form. For more information, please check out our FAQ

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CiscoChat Live: Empowering Small Business with Cisco Business

Community Manager

Join us on Thursday, November 14 at 10:00 am PT to learn more about how Cisco is empowering small business. From connectivity to cloud applications, networking plays a crucial role in every business journey. Cisco Business offers simple-to-deploy, flexible, and secure solutions designed to empower small business to communicate and collaborate reliably like never before. Please join us and learn more how Cisco is committed to enable every step of your business journey.

We'll take your questions live and after the broadcast. Post them below in the comments.

Cisco Employee

Starting in about 5 minutes, bring your questions about Cisco Small Business solutions and we'll answer live on air!

Cisco Employee
We're #live! Stay tuned for an update on #CiscoSB solutions for #smallbusiness business, and ask your questions here. #CiscoChat
Cisco Employee

Have questions about solutions for small business? Drop them here and we'll answer live on air!

Cisco Employee

Thanks for joining everyone, check out for more!