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Configuring Auto Attendant

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

This Video on Demand explains and demonstrate the configuration of the automated attendant on UC320W using the Configuration Utility

Thanks to Rod Ormond, Cisco


Thanks.. Great Video.. I bookmark this as favorite..



Your video mentions at 3:39 that the UC320 can do Dial by Name.   The documentation I can find says dial by name is not available on this product.  If it is available, can Dial by Name be activated in sub menus?

Thank you

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Hi tknapp;

Currently Dial by Name must be configured manually on the AA, i.e. record the prompt for the names and configure the options.

e.g. In main prompt, you can add a prompt saying: if you know the name of the person please press 2, then configure the second level with the prompt:

- For Alberto Montilla press 1, for Navin Albert press 2, for Russell Jones press 3.

Hope this helps



Alberto - 2 things. 

1.) The configuration you have in the video doesn't work.  I call and get the Auto Attendant greeting but none of the buttons work.

2.) I also need a way of setting up a dail by name button.

I like the UC320W but I'm growing frustrated with it very quickly because of the lack of documentation for simple things.  i.e. - With the standard Auto Attendant configuration is there a button to list extensions when someone calls in?  How does someone setup a General Voicemail box?

Any thoughts?


1 - You need to configure the AA software correctly - Buttons 0-9 plus * & # work fine as long as you have truned off direct extension dialling within AA options.

2 - The software does not support this, but you can record a single prompt to say For Mary dial 22, for Joan dial 23 etc etc.  This will work fine as long as you update it with staff changes.

3 - Be fair on the 320 - It is an entry level low cost IP telephony switch and does pretty damn well for what it is.  Any Cisco reseller would have told you to go for the UC500 if you wanted a higher level of features.

4 - A general voicemail box can be setup as a GROUP VM box - then ring timeouts of inbound lines or AA prompts directed to it.

Hope this helps


One of the option for Auto Attendant is to play a prompt then transfer to a mailox.   After the transfer it plays a default message "Please leave a message after the tone.  When done hung up or press the pound key".  How do I remove or change this message?

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