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RV320 and RV325 IPsec VPN Client configuration

Dennis Bigelow
Cisco Employee



Third Party IPsec VPN client Software





This is a great video tutorial.  Unfortunately, following your instructions for 3rd party VPN did not work.  I am using Greenbow and Cisco RV320.

I used the exact configuration that you suggested.  I can only get theGreenBow to attempt Phase 1 then it times-out and fails.

I am using Greenbow on another system with this router. That configuration is different to the one you describe here - because I was unable a year ago to get it to work any other way.  The working VPN is using gateway to gateway (ie: the top table) with local/remote group id's.

I have attempted making minor modifications to your setup with no success.  I should note, I can get the connection to work using my gateway-gateway in Greenbow on the same computer (config copied from the other working system from a year ago).  TheGreenBow "test" connection also works.

Hoping you may have some insight into what could be the cause of this issue.  RV320 firmware update to (Dec 2014).



This tutorial may have broken my router!  Router was purchased a year ago, and has been running with no problems until I attempted to follow this instruction set.  Now the router reboots regularly, 4 minutes, 20 minutes, 3 hours, 24 hours, randomly.

I have no choice now to get a replacement for the equipment under warranty.

Logs show two critical messages quite often:

Tue May 19 03:54:03 2015;; <1>kernel: Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!
Tue May 19 12:13:18 2015;; <1>kernel: BUG: Bad page map in process httpd  pte:a8402000aff0000 pmd:a80000000940b000

Whenever these appear, various severe problems result including complete loss of management access to the router and loss of VPN.

Not sure related, but coincidence is suspicious.


Denis Ivanov

The setting in this video is not working. I tried ipsec server and gateway - gateway with cisco 881 pci k9. The connection in all cases occurs, but the traffic to the intranet does not let pass.

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