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Ben M Johnson

Cisco Video Monitoring (VM 300) displaying on iPad (Using NUUO's free iViewer App)

I'm really wanting to turn my iPad into a camera viewing station, but haven't met with much success.

This app theoretically works with the Cisco VM 200/300 system since it works with NUUO's, but

I'm guessing this doesn't work because ciso's VM 300 software is a few versions behing NUUO's.

Even when I try to access over the LAN, the connection from the ipad never connects.

I have verified that I have the correct streaming server settings, IP, credentials, etc.

Further I can view the VM 300 server's interface through the Remote Live Viewer, which uses the same port (5150) that the iViewer uses.

Ben M Johnson

So it looks like you need 3.3.3+ software to use the iPad iViewer app.

Why private label your apps if you aren't adding any value? 

With this app ( and with your NSS devices), you guys are just reinventing the wheel - if I knew I was getting relabeled software that adds no value and actually puts  me behind the curve in terms of new (really vital) features, I sure wouldn't have purchased this software.

I would have purchased from NUUO direct. 

When will you guys be releasing a new version?

The new version supports safari as a browser from the web interface as well!

Hi Ben,

I found ICamviewer application to work for xVC2300 models with alternate http ports from my iPhone for now. I heard Engineering is looking into the NUUO viewer for support as well.