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How to change from asf to avi format on WVC210 using the older software


Hi there!

I have four WVC200 cameras and two WVC210 on one location and use to save the recordings using the survelliance utility that comes with the WVC200, after I bouught the WVC210 I liked to use the more advanced Small Business Video Monitoring System that comes with this new cameras but I found that this software is not compatible with the WVC200 so I use the older software for all six cameras.

Now comes the answer.. How can I set the WVC210 to let the files saved using the AVI extension (supouse is the MJPEG format) in order to be able to see the icon preview on my Mac system?. (I can open the .ASF format but it does not have a native support on MAC's so it does not show an preview frame of the video as the AVI format on the WVC200 does).

I have use the WVC210 software to set the MJPEG format but it does not let that format as default for when I use the older version.

Is there a way to do that?

Thank's in advance.


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I have not used the "old" software for some time. I know that the new software has a way to change the stream type:

See if you can locate a similar setting in your software. Let me know if you need help and I can install it.

Thanks for answering too soon!,

Well the old software does not let you make any configuration besides the port, adress, camera name, etc. and were I can change some things is on the camera's http space but it does not have a place to change that so I'm very frustraded...

It's a nice camera, more advanced, but that's missing. Don't know if there is some work around to make the camera use the other codec as a default, maybe a cgi comand on the browser... 


You can change the stream type from the WVC210 in the old software:

To change the http stream from the camera web page:

I recorded some video using both MPEG4 and MJPEG and neither stored the recorded video in .avi format. I was able to convert the recorded video to .avi format from the Playback console. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks mpyhala,

     I was talking about the software that comes with the WC200 which does not have that option, but your image and another threat made me realize that there was a newer version of a surveillance utility (for 2300) who also can work with the 2 models that we have, so I'm trying with that. It also looks more robust, I just expect could work fine with the low upstream bandwith we have at the place because with the WVC210 software barely got a frame after 1 minute and don't record anything after a while.

     It was a shame It can't save on the AVI format, after you tried, that seems very rare.

     Thanks again for your help!, at least I found another software to test.


Your welcome. Glad I could be of assistance!

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