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Image quality PVC300 vs WVC210


At work we are implementing a video conferencing system (I know they are intended for security but they seem to be good for conferencing too) and intend on using WVC210 and PVC300 cameras. The WVC210's will be in smaller rooms, and the PVC300's in larger rooms.

I've gotten one of each in so far. The WCV210 seems to have far better image quality then the PVC300.  The PVC300 the image has horizontal lines on it in spots, artifacts I'd guess you'd say. Both cameras are on highest quality. This shows up in both mpeg4 and mjpeg modes.

Is this normal?  Is it possible I have a defective camera? I'd expect the much more expensive PVC300 to have just as good, if not better, image quality. I'll try to post screencaps tomorrow from each camera.


Welcome to the boards and thanks for posting.

You should not be experiencing lines or artifacts in the video for the PVC300. Could you post a screen shot of exactly what you are getting when viewing the video? When you try using a lower resolution do you still get the same results? Just for testing purposes plug the PVC300 directly into whatever router you are using and have it cabled using a different ethernet cable to see if you still have the same problem.

It is possible to have a defective camera and you may need to give the SBSC a call to check your camera. You can find the correct number for your country and the linke provided below.

SBSC Contact Numbers

Horizontal lines is a bad sign and may .mean an RMA will be necessary, but check to see what happens if you set the PVC300 for 30 FPS, 640x480 resolution, and Highest quality, in its web gui, under video settings.  Zoom it in once or twice as well.

Both cams are on 640x480, 30fps.

Here is a screencap from both, it's actually not too evident at 640x480 in the screenshot, but if you zoom in a bit you can see the WVC image has much less noise. Since we have the video set to go fullscreen, we really see this. You can really see the difference around the window.

Maybe this is to do with the PVC having a wider angle lens. If I zoom in with it, the artifacts lessen. Still, at full zoom there are more artifacts around the window then on the WVC210 with no zoom.

I would have to say that the camera in not defective based on the screenshots. It is certainly different than the WVC210 and I agree that the WVC210 screen looks better. Keep in mind that the PVC300 has a CCD image sensor and the WVC210 has a CMOS sensor. That alone will account for a fair amount of difference in the look of the image. I recommend that you adjust the Hue, Brightness, Saturation and White Balance of the PVC300 and see what kind of results you can get. Please keep us updated.

Agree.  Also notice that the field of view on the PVC300 is alot wider too, which is a nice capability the WVC210 doesnt have (its narrower field of view)