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Mounting hardware and enclosures


I have a client that is interested in the Cisco camera system and would like to be able to see pictures of the available enclosers that Cisco offers. Does anyone have a link that would provide these views? The camera's are to be outdoors and are the 2300 and 300 types.

Thanks in advance



For the PVC2300 we recommend third Pelco....

For PVC300, I am not sure we have enclosures since it is PTZ.


Thank you for the reply.

Cisco does not have a outdoor PTZ?

Cisco Small Business does not, which is what this community supports.

I followed higher end Physical security products (ATP) and looks like they also need enclosures:

But take a look there too.

So Steve, are you saying that Cisco does not support the PVC300 in any enclosure; therefore, making it an indoor only camera? Is that really Cisco's SB answer to physcial security?

Is the solution to use a Pelco PTZ enclosure with the PVC2300?

It seems that a weather-proof enclosure for the PVC300 would be a great fit for the solution - maybe something Cisco Engineering could look into?

OK, so I am not saying this.  I know we will, I just cant tell you the part number yet.  Its an awkward position to be in at this moment, but I think if I were to guess, it would look something like this.....


Hello, I can see the enclosure photographs at, for the pvc300 accesories, so are there any news about if they are now; ready to be offered to the customers, please if anybody know something new about enclosures, please reply.


Alex Paez,


The PVC300 Enclosures should be orderable in the October time frame.


hey Davin, I appreciate the thread, I have a PVC300 opp, and see that these are the options:

EnclosuresCisco Small BusinessVC030Camera Enclosure Exterior Pan Tilt
Cisco Small BusinessVC033Camera Enclosure Exterior Pan Tilt Pole Mount Adapter
Cisco Small BusinessVC032Camera Enclosure Exterior Pan Tilt Corner Mount Adapter
Cisco Small BusinessVC031 Camera Enclosure Exterior Pan Tilt Pendant Mount Adapter

can you offer a more accurate timeline as to when we can order these?


~Peter Perrinez

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