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PVC 300 filp image


I have a PVC300 witch worked as it should.

After I made a hardware reset (button on the back) now the image view is 180° flipped and I don't know how to change it.

In the manual (its more a quick guide than a Admin guide), I could not find any explication how to flip the image,

i.e. image for ceiling usage or table usage.

Its very urgent !



Re: PVC 300 filp image

Dear all,

I  found already the solution :)


Frequent Contributor

Re: PVC 300 filp image


Re: PVC 300 filp image


After a time I found in the Web GUI in :

-> Setup -> Audio/Video/Camera

                         -> Options

                                   - Video Orientation

the buttons "Flip" and "Mirror".

By default these buttons are enabled.

BTW, I really disappointed about the Active X Camera Control.

This makes it nearly impossible to use this Camera in a Pro environment,

because many of them are using Mac/Linux based Systems where Active X is not  possible.

Most of the low end and Pro IP Cameras are using Java, why not Cisco ????

Is Cisco married with MS ?!


Re: PVC 300 filp image

Cisco has identified the burden ActiveX requirement causes for some users, and future products will not require ActiveX support.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us. We are sorry for the problem it causes.


PVC300 is intended for ceiling mount, hence with the default flip and mirrored image. Depends on the users' installation whether desktop or wall mount, they can change the image orientation.

Re: PVC 300 filp image

The guys inside the BU are very interested in this and just provided me the following, which I think should be shared:

"PVC300 could view Firefox today with all the PTZ controls, it is just not able to set Motion detection.

However I wasn't able to get it to work on Firefox in Windows 7 which uses 3.0.11. It works on my XP using Firefox 3.0.8"


Re: PVC 300 filp image

Dear Steve,

I am using XP Pro, Fedora 10, CentOS5.

All OSs are installed with Firefox 3.0.11 (current version).

Motion detection is the most used application in cameras !

It must work with Firefox on any OS.

In XP with Firefox I can not configure a motion detection window.

I can only enable it, thats all.

In Firefox on my Fedora I can not see any video.

What do you consider to install as decoding package ?

I tried ffmpeg, x264, ffaad and xine-lib.


Re: PVC 300 filp image


I just want to let you know that the limited function is available with Safari and Mozilla/FF.  IE is needed for full operation.

The developer mentioned having an IE plugin for FF to get Active-X to work, but that is purely experimental and is not a recommendation and is not supported by Cisco.


Re: PVC 300 filp image


Most administrator using Linux based systems for controlling.

IE can be only a workaround and not be a final solution !

Its quit complicate installing a VM in Linux  for running i.e. XP to start IE for managing the camera.

So the developers are continuing developing LInksys Consumer product and not CISCO-SMB products.

ActiveX in a PRO envoirement is impossible.

No PRO brands uses ActiveX to control IP cameras. Sorry.

Forget ActiveX and do as any other PRO vendor, use JAVA control.

There will be no platform problems anymore.

If CISCO-SMB will continue ActiveX control then they will not come into the PRO market.

Please forward my comment to your BU managers and decison makers0.


Re: PVC 300 filp image

I have forwarded your comments.   Forward looking, you will get what you want I am hearing.  Thanks for your feedback.