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Recording with WVC210 Wireless -G PTZ Camera to Desktop PC


Hi folks,

I work for a small non-profit and in doing some research for a cost effective surviellance camera, I came across the WVC210. 

I purchased one for testing and am trying to figure out how to set it up to record.  I'm trying to record to my local desktop computer, and if I can get that to work purchase a large external drive to attach for storing recordings.

What I would like to do, at least initially, is to set the camera up to only record when it detects motion, and then record to my local PC on the same network.  If I log into the camera's web page and go to Applications and Motion Detection, it looks like I would input SMB/CIFS information.  I'm putting in my fully qualified PC name (name.domain.local, and using the domain admin/password, and created a folder on my C drive to capture this, and was hoping this would work.

But when I go to the Status page, and Syslog, I see these errors:

08/24/2011 08:52:49 Samba Record: Failed to record video.

08/24/2011 08:52:49 Samba Record: Start to record video.

08/24/2011 08:51:49 Samba Record: Failed to record video.

08/24/2011 08:51:49 Samba Record: Start to record video.

08/24/2011 08:50:49 Samba Record: Failed to record video.

08/24/2011 08:50:48 Samba Record: Start to record video.

08/24/2011 08:49:48 Samba Record: Failed to record video

Should I be able to use a desktop computer to save video to, is there other configuration setup steps I need to complete.  Any advice would be great.  If it matters, I have several Server 2008 servers and my desktop is a Windows 7 Professional machine.  I'm not sure if I need to enable something on the PC for this as well.

Any advice?



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Frequent Contributor


Yes, the easiest way is to download the Video Monitoring Software and run it on that computer. You can configure this software with what you have requested above.

you also can send video clips directly to the computer.

All this would be hard to explain via support forum.

Please give us a call @ 1-866-606-1866 - an engineer can assist with this configuration.



Cisco Support Engineer



OK.  I will call them.  I wasn't aware there was additional software to help with this.

Thanks so much!


I'm struggling too.  I've set up the monitoring software but itisn't recording avi files to my server it's creating dat files that I can't seem to open with anything. If I use the web interface to configure motion detection it records fine, but it doesn't have the options I'd like for scheduling, if I use the scheduler the video isn't useful. 

What am I missing?

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for posting. To play back video recorded using the Video Monitoring Software you need to open Playback System. You will have a great deal of flexibility when playing back the video, including the playback speed. You can also select all or portions of the video and convert it to .avi or .asf format if you wish. Please reply if you have any further questions.

ok so I am using the software.  Is there a way for it only to record on motion?  I have the setting setup for that but it appears to be recording everything during the schedule despite the schedule saying to detect motion. 

I've gone through a numbe rof cameras now and all I really want is for it to detect motion and save a video file of that motion to a server.  I don't want it to record everything all the time.


You certainly can record only when motion events occur. You need to change the schdeule so that the times you want to record show as green instead of red. Red indicates that it is always resording. If you need assistance with this, please call Small Business Support and ask for help. You can find a number at the following link:

Please have your username and camera serial number ready when you call. Please also tell the engineer that this is in reference to this community post.

You can also find help in the Admin Guide for the software:

See page 30 for help with setting up a recording schedule.

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