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Remote Playback

We have a working installation of SWVMS16 using 5, soon to be 8 Cisco/Linksys Cameras.

The only thing we need to get sorted is remote playback.  I have seen posts about remote monitoring but that is not exactly what we are after.

When you load the Playback utility it asks you to authenticate to "Local Host".  I have looked in the registry and for config files, but cannot find anywhere to change this.  If you could, I presume you could install the playback utility alone and access the central recordings database on the machine with the monitoring and recording software.

Any ideas most appreciated.

Rising star

My understanding is that the video can only be played back on the PC that it was recorded on unless you use the Backup Video feature. You would need to back up the video on the recording PC and transfer it to the playback PC.

From what you described, it seems that you would like to access the recorded files "at will" from a remote location. You may wish to consider recording at the remote location as well. This would give you a backup copy of your video and also allow you to play back at your convenience. The quality and size of the video would of course be limited by the amount of internet bandwidth that you have access to at each location.

If you don't have it already, get the SWVMS16 Admin Guide here:

Please reply with your thoughts.


Yes, I do want to be able to playback from a remote location.

I have used the backup feature and noticed that it bundles the playback software with each backup.  I have had a look at the config files but cannot find where it specifies the location of the files it is to playback.

Do you know?  If I could edit these variables, I could install the playback utility anywhere on the network and have it pointing to, for instance, a mapped drive.

Just a thought.


Hi Neil,

You can actually direct the SWVMS16 to backup to the mapped drive.

On the Main Console: Setup, then Settings TAB has the Storage Location field where you can specify a networked drive.

This would save the step of moving it, if thats where you want it to go ultimately.

If you let it write to the default location (shown there as well) it would be C:\Program Files\Cisco\Video Monitoring Syetem and then a Folder created for each day and a Cxxxxx subfolder containing the /dat files that SWVMS16 reads in playback utility.

Sound OK?