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SG300 Vlan routing

We have recently purchased a SG300 to break up our network which most consists of virtual machines via Bridged networking on network machines. I have created successfully Vlans and the physical machines are capable of communicating across the different subnets that I have created via the SG300 however the Virtual machines can no longer be reached.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong ?

Many Thanks

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SG300 Vlan routing

Hi Mohammed,

Let me know the gateway information for the Virtual Machines

Also provide the information about VLANS that configured in SG300 switch.




SG300 Vlan routing

Hi Vasudeva,

Thanks for you prompt response I have managed to resolve this by changing the gateway on the VMs to the relevant Vlan interface however I seem to have another problem. We run a Astaro security gateway which is our firewall and this is a virtual device with 2 network interfaces, one connected to our Fibre and the other is used for clients to connect to the Internet. This is achieved by setting the default gateway on clients to 192.168.150 which is the internal interface on the Astaro VM.

I have setup two Vlans for the time being one on the subnet and the other on All hosts on the subnet can use the Astaro for internet access however all the hosts on the subnet cannot reach the Astaro. They can however reach each other as in clients on the subnet can communicate with clients on the 182,168.2.0 subnet.

Also I have enabled DHCP relay on the Switch however clients are not picking up DHCP addresses from our DHCP for the subnet for which I have created a new scope on the server.

Thanks in advance