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storing video files over ftp on wless LAN



I want to be able to store my files on a hidden NAS in my house, that is accessible via an exiting Wireless Access Point.

Any ideas on any decent-priced NAS's out there, that will allow me to use FTP Filezilla to store video jpgs from about 8 wireless Cisco Video Cameras?


Eric Moyers
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Sir, Probably first question should be how much space will be required. Here is a link to a Calculator to help determine your space needs.

Also what type of cameras are you using? If it is one of our Small Business Cameras, we have the Advanced Video Monitoring System software that will be a breeze to setup and record to your NAS once you determine how much space you need.

Lets get a little more detail and we should be able to nail this down for you.

Eric Moyers

Hi Eric,


This is a great start.

For this site, I am using two WVC2300s and 5 WVC210s.

All seems to be working out ok so far.

I typically do not stream over the Internet, but I do on occasion.

I set up my cameras to use ftp and filezilla.

Every camera uses their own ftp user id and password.

When a camera senses motion it ftps .jpgs at 1FPS for a duration of 5seconds.   I have a duration interval of 1 minute, so the camera will not resume ftp'g until a minute has elapsed between motion-detection events.

I set up filezilla so each user (camera) has their own Home Directory.  That way I can see what motion events were recorded for each camera just by looking at the folder.

I seem to get about 12kb per jpg (if my memory serves me right).

Note an interesting thing I ran into.

I set up a google email account to send jps to for motion detection, and google shut me down for 24 hours because of the quantity of jps I sent.

I think I have the BASIC VMS (as opposed to the AVMS).  Are the two different?  If so, how.

I know the BVMS was free.  Do you have to pay for AVMS?

I was simply going to change the listening port on each camera from the default of 80 to other ports and then access them individually over the internet from my web browser.

Maybe the VMS software is a better method...???

Thanks for all your help so  far Eric.

These cameras are great and I have had a lot of fun setting them up!

Sounds like a great setup.

There are actually three flavors of the Video monitoring Software. I am attaching a document that shows the difference between them. the basic version is free.

A couple of things I would do:

I would go ahead and make the change for the ports and have each camera on a different port to be accessed.

Even if you left the cameras setup the way they are, since it is working, I would install the Basic AVMS for simple viewing so that you can view all cameras at once. (basic version can view up to 16 cameras at one time)

I would also install another basic version remotely. This would allow you to be able to still view the cameras remotely but instead of using the internal IP to locate the camera, using the WAN IP of router and port number.

Let me know if this helps. Please let us know if we can answer any other questions.

Eric Moyers

THank you Eric!

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