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streaming a WVC210 to a BlackBerry Storm 2


Has anyone actually succeeded in streaming a WVC210 to a BlackBerry Storm 2? Cisco's documentation only references three ports: 554, 5000, and 80. I've tried all sorts of combinations. The camera can be successfully opened from the internet by computer, but not the phone.


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Hello Edward,

I assisted a customer with RTSP streaming some time ago. I do not remember the settings exactly, although the following link seems to describe how to set it up pretty well:

Please reply if you have any issue with those instructions or if you need further information. I know it worked for the customer that I assisted and I see no reason that it should not work with your Storm 2.

I stream video to my Android phone using a third party app call IP Cam Viewer and it works great. That app uses http though, not RTSP. I recall that the video only streamed for 15 seconds or so before the connection needed to be reestabished on the Blackberry. You may want to try to find a comparable app for your phone that streams http instead of RTSP.

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