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VC220 question



One of my clients having couple of vc220 cameras. The original installer doesnt set them up well. So, i am working on it to get them functional as the owner expected.

Currently, the survelience software is installed in multiple computers, and 'always recording' is also enabled all of them. This mean, all these client computers will record separate sessions of the video? Now, in all of these computers, cameras are added separately. Is this the recommended working model?

Is it possible to setup the recording in a dedicated computer and all other clients view from this 'server' computer without accessing the camera directly? What are the requirements here? Also, i want to send the recording to the NAS device instead of the local hard disk of the server to avoid space consumption.

Any helpful best practice reccommendation is highly appreciated.

Thanks to all.       


David Hornstein
Rising star
Rising star

The problem with the free software   is that the computer that recorded the content, must review the content.

If you setup one computer to record and monitor the cameras, then you can use something like VNC or remote desktop to review any stored recordings.

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