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Works (sort of) in Chrome, Works (kind of) in Internet Explorer 9

Ok, I upgraded my firmware to on my WVC210 and it appeared to apply accordingly.  However, using Windows 7 64-bit, IE9 connects to the GUI of the camera, however, the image won't show.  Just the picture marker in the top left hand corner.  Can adjust all the settings and everything else seems to function as expected.

Using Chrome, I get the image to show up.  however, some of the buttons don't appear and options that you select (e.g. motion detection area) with a check mark either don't apply or don't "appear" on the screen as I can't tell if it's actually selected or not.

Using both interfaces I've been able to set up the camera.  However, I can't get the motion detection to actually detect and send me a video clip.  When I test the SMTP email server settings, it comes back with "successful" when sending a test message.  However, of the two email addresses I send test messages to, only one of them actually receives the test message.

Any suggestions on how to get IE9 to work in Windows 7 would be appreciated.  Also, any help with motion detection (getting it to work) would also be a good thing



Clayton Sill

Hello Edward,

     Yeah this camera and its coding of firmware is kind of old so the newer Internet browsers don't work to great. I would recommend not using IE9 but IE7-8. If that is not an option then I think there is an option in IE9 to change the version mode to run in IE7-8 and other version. I think you hit F12 on your keyboard for this one.

As for Chrome. I've run into that same issue, usually if I just hover my pointer over setup/home (one of those buttons) the rest of the buttons will magically appear.

Finally for SMTP, if you're using gmail then there is a none bug were it doesn't work. The only way to get a hold of this firmware is to call Cisco and have them provide you a beta firmware. They've never posted this firmware.

Hope that helps you out.

Clayton Sill

Hi Clayton,

Thanks for your reply   Yes, I noticed the Chrome "hover" option...I was fortunate enough to find an old version of the Cisco Video Monitoring System that allows me to just monitor the cameras over that instead of IE.  This older version (1.2.0 from 2007) has the ability to run in continuous mode for patrolling which is a good thing.  In the newer versions, it is grayed out.

I'm still playing with the SMTP stuff and will post again once I get it going. 

Thanks again!



With that being said, this is the update to this thread.

The beta that was available, which allowed a work around for customer to use the cameras with GMAIL and other mail servers that require SSL authentication is no longer useful.

In Jan 2013 Gmail made a change to the required

From Google Support Forums:

Messages with DKIM signatures use a key to sign messages. Messages signed with short keys can be easily spoofed (see, so a message signed with a short key is no longer an indication that the message is properly authenticated. To best protect our users, Gmail will begin treating emails signed with less than 1024-bit keys as unsigned, starting in January 2013. We highly recommend that all senders using short keys switch to RSA keys that are at least 1024-bits long.

From my understanding, the WVC210 falls in this category, uses less than a 1024 bit key. That is why the beta firmware is no longer available. It will not resolve the issue anymore.

We can no longer support this issue with firmware updates since the devices are EOL/EOS.

Eric Moyers

Wireless and Surveillance Subject Matter Expert

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