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WVC210 and Internet Explorer do not work together

I have just set up  a WVC210 camera and using IE8, I ca not access the camera but I can with FF3.5. Have I missed something?  Also, I can not get audio with FF3.5. Is that feature only with IE?  Thanks for your time, Randall.


The data sheet does state IE5.x or later, so lets try one thing before you call TAC and open a case on this.

On IE8, go to Tools:Internet Options:Security and click on custom settings just below the Security Level Slide bar.

You will find several options for ActiveX controls, all set to disable.  Change these Active X to "Prompt" or Enable and save.  CLose the browser and relaunch it.

Try connecting again.

I just tried this with IE8 on a WVC210 running WVC210_V1.0.0.bin FW, and got to the camera and all the GUIs, except the View Video and SET UP for Motion Detection, where even with these options mentioned above, I got the following error.  Do you see this too?


Please let us know what happens and we'll go from there.


I gave that a try but was unable to get as far as you. I first had all active x controlles prompt and then just exacute but the browser would then not even bring up my home page.  I will just stick with FireFox, I like it much better anyway.


I followed up with the BU and you have found a bug.   They are currently putting together a FW load to address this.   I cannot promise any dates, but I can tell you that we are going to work our hardest to address this ASAP and I will update this thread, or my fellow teammates in Cisco, who have always been great about this and are dedicated to make this product commercial grade.

In the mean time, I offer SWVMS16 for free on the download pages (same place you find camera FW) and you can set motion detection windows in that to be recorded on the local Windows PC it is installed on, and it works.

Steve DiStefano     SE

Small Business Team


Has there been any update to this issue?  I can not even access the camera or my Linksys router with IE 8.  Both work fine in Firefox.  I would like to use IE8 so I can use the 2 way audio, which is one of the mains reasons I went with the wc210.

I have tried turning down all the settings for IE and allowing or prompting on all activex options, but I still get a message that IE cannot display this page.  I get nothing, no controls, no page at all.

I am pretty new to this, but I believe I have set it up correctly as I am able to view the camer remotely and access my router remotely (over WAN) from Firefox, Safari, and can even view it on my cell phone with Mobiscope.

I would appreciate any help and/or suggestions.

Thank you,




Please try firmware version (release notes here):

Several fixes here should make you all better.

(also be aware of this...

..not sure you need it, but if you see that error, thats the fix....



I'm on my latest code for 210 - and I'm still having issues with IE. For example:

http://x.x.x.x/img/video.mjpeg  - It is working just fine in Mozilla - and I see video. But when I open the same in IE - all I see is one picture that unless I "refresh" the picture is static.

I noticed a line in API document: that mjpeg.cgi will become absolete and that some web browsers cache the first incoming image and do not re-fresh the incoming JPEG images - sounds like my problem. It suggested that I use http://x.x.x.x/img/mjpeg.htm  - I did, it works in Mozilla but in IE I get a big "X" where the picture should be.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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