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WVC210 help

Hello experts,

I'm using the WVC210 since 3 years quite happily.

Few days ago the camera doesn't detect motion.

I used to automatically send pictures taken from it to my eMail, but now nothing happens (Enable E-mail Alert is selected, of course).


I tried to check the eMail (test smtp server) and it works.

Under setup/motion detection I use these settings:

Interval:  Minute(s)  before detecting the next event.
Attachment Type:

Frame Rate: fps
Pre-Capture Length: Second(s)
Post-Capture Length: Second(s)



Rising star

Hi Enrico,

This is an unusual issue. A few things you can do:

Make sure the motion sensitivity is high enough. When you are on the settings and you wave your hand in front of the camera you should see a red indicator showing that the camera is detecting motion.

When you test the SMTP server, do you actually receive an email? If not, check your Junk folder.

Try sending a short video instead of jpeg pictures.

Upgrade the firmware to the latest version. It is usually recommended to set the device to factory defaults and reconfigure it manually after a firmware upgrade. Make sure you back up and save a copy of the configuration file first.

Try using different email address(es). I have had good luck sending FROM an email address set up at They do not require SSL/TLS which the camera does not support. I send TO my gmail account.

Please keep us updated.

- Marty

Hello Marty,

1st, thanks a lot.

Well, sensibilitu is to almost set to MAX and I can see red bar when moving.

SMT is working: I receive the (empty) eMail from the camera what I test it.

The FW is the last (old) one.

What's strange is the fact that it worked for 2 years (no chages) and suddenly it decided to no sending attachments anymore.

I'm testing to send the short video (and to send to other eMail address) and will let you know asap.

Best regards


Hello Marty,

1st problem: I'm trying to use a different SMTP (Google), but I get an error (fail) when I test the SMTP. Suggestions?

Trying with the video I have the same result... nothing is sent.

With my ordinary SMTP the empty mail reaches the address.

Thanks in advance.


What about if I give you access to my camera?

Hi Enrico,

The WVC210 does not support sending from gmail or any other email that uses SSL/TLS. See the following link:

The camera did have a "bug" in the original firmware that caused it to allow gmail to work. That was not by design. All other publicly released firmware versions did not allow it. Cisco had a beta firmware available for a while that did allow gmail again but they are no longer releasing it to the best of my knowledge.

There are a couple of things you can do:

1) Get the original firmware version 1.0 (This may be a security risk)

2) Use an email service that does not require SSL/TLS. I have used an address from for years with my WVC210 cameras and it works quite well. Some ISP email works as well such as Avoid Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. as they require SSL/TLS.

Hope this helps!

- Marty

Hello Marty,

Thanks for suggestions: I'm trying to follow them.

I'm registering a new account on GMX as you suggest and will let you know.

Can you please suggest me the settings for its SMTP?

Thanks endeed for support.

- Enrico

I solved by resetting to default, reinstalling the firmware, reconfiguring all.