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WVC210 - Issue with sporatic access remotely


I have a WVC210 connected to a 3G router (MofiNetwork router) via port 80.  The router connects to internet via a turbo stick (internet stick).  I access the webcam remotely and it generally works well.  However, sporatically I cannot gain access to it and the automatic email that sends every 15minutes with motion detection stops working.  I have another DLINK webcam also attached and when the the WVC210 is down I can still gain access to the DLINK (on a different port) so I know the connection is still there.

As it is in a remote location, to address the problem I put a timer on the power source so it turns the router and webcams off a couple of times a day so it resets everything.  This usually gets it working but still at times I cant gain access until the next "reset".

Any ideas ??


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Hi John,

A couple of questions. What is your firmware version and when you do this "scheduled" power down, what comes up first? The router or the camera and how long the camera comes up (if indeed the camera comes up after the router) after the router is turned on?


Firmware = 1.1.1

I am not sure which comes up first - my timer is on the electical supply to all (router and camera), so power is turned on and off to both simultaneously.

Sir, My name is Eric Moyers, I am a Cisco Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. The constant powering off an on could be a contributing factor to your issue. 1st - just out of curiousity why is requiring that you power cycle so many times? You could perhaps change that to once a day or every other day. 2nd - Does your camera have a static IP address?

Eric Moyers
Cisco SBSC Network Engineer

Yes it is a static IP and ethernet connected (i.e., not wireless).

Originally I did not have the timer and had it constantly on.  The issue then was that every few days I lost connection with the camera and with it being remote I couldn't do a reset until next time I went to the cottage.  Thus I dreamed up the timer solution and set it to do it twice per day so if it went down either during the night or during the day at least I could hopefully get a half days worth of monitoring.  I'd obviously prefer not having the timer.  Why every few days (i.e., 3 days or so) would I loose connection to the camera ??

Note I also have a DLINK webcam attached and it seems to stay up more consistently for some reason.  However, I love the Cisco camera if I could just get it more reliable.


Dear John,

Have you ever tried switching the Ethernet ports with the D-Link camera? I have mine on wireless for 3 years and it hasn't gone down once.