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WVC210 Issues with recorded .avi files


Hi there,

I've got the WVC210 setup wirelessly (via Netgear 834GT) to record to my LG NAS.

This has been working fine up until recently when the files seem to have been only partially recording (various file sizes) and instead of the normal file naming convention of "Cisco-01172011-110737.avi", seemingly out-of-nowhere have started being named "Cisco-SambaRecord.avi". Once the file completes and reaches 102Mb it will create a new .avi with the same name and record over the last file

I have the file size set to the max of 100Mb but have since been experimenting with smaller sizes since the problem arose which hasn't rectified the issue.

Incidentally I used to get a full days worth of recorded footage via several 102Mb files on my NAS so the file size was never an issue.

I've just flashed the firmware to the latest version which hasn't resolved it either.

I've made absolutly no changes at all to my home network since it was working.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting. I just tested and I was able to easily duplicate the issue you are having. Under Setup-> Applications-> SMB/CIFS make sure the box is checked for "Enable adding timestamp to files". When I left that unchecked the NAS recorded the temp files correctly and then they were renamed to "WVC210-SambaRecord.avi". Of course the file was lost when the next recording replaced it. Please reply and let us know if this fixes the issue for you.

Hey there,

Thanks for your reply.

This has indeed fixed the issue with the "Samba" naming convention - thanks!

Unfortunalty the problem with part recorded files is still apparant.  These files vary in size and are preceeded with a tilda in the file name i.e: "~Cisco-03052011-201519"

There isn't any kind of signal issue from what I can see and like I said this has only just occured out of the blue recently.



Hi Chris,

Usually the files that are preceded by a tilda are temporary files that are currently being recorded. After the file size reaches the maximum that you set in the camera the file should become permanent and adhere to the date/time naming convention. Have you checked again to see if the files are in fact becoming permanent with the proper size and name?

Hi again,

sorry I missed this reply.

I understand the filenames prefixed with the tilde are temp files but the files in question never actually finish and reach their preconfigured size.  I have chosen 100Mb and typically the file will reach 102Mb and then the next file will begin. This has been fine since May last year when I purchased the device and like I mentioned I would return home to lots of 102Mb files in the folder on my NAS it's just all of a sudden the success is sparadic.  I have also tested file size lower and still had the same problem.

I am finding; since this issue has appeared; I will get maybe two files that "complete" and get to 102Mb whilest others will cut off at anything from 4Mb to 40Mb etc etc.  Then later in the day again one 102Mb file will appear fine and then after that lots of smaller ones with the Tilde prefix again.

These files are also hard to manage and navigate when playing back.  You cannot scan through them for instance as it will throw the navigation bar on the player back to the beginning.

I'm wondering if I need to look at returning the product and getting it replaced?


From what you are describing it seems like there is probably a network interruption happening which is causing the files to partially record. Can you try wiring the camera to the network for a day to see if you get better results? Also, do you have the latest firmware on the camera?


I have tried this already and still had a problem.  As mentioned in the OP  I flashed the FW before posting to make sure it wasn't that.

I might just try a new router to see if I can fettle it that way...


Another thing you can try is to create a share on a Windows PC and send the video to that share as an experiment. If you are having the same issue you could rule out the NAS as the possible cause.

Hi there,

thanks for the reply.. Apologies for the late response AGAIN - my messages are going into my junk filter...

I'll get this setup tonight and leave my machine on for a few days...

Thanks for all your help.

Hi Chris,

Any news on this? I'm curious to know if you have figured out the cause of this issue and if you were able to fix it. Thanks!

Hi there,

Well! The issue has "resolved" in that it has reverted back to 99% successful recordings but the only thing I can think of that has resolved the issue is my NAS being switched off for a few days and "rebooting" it. Whether it was a dodgy connection or somthing?!

I will keep you posted as I want to set up a server at home and will revert to using this as my NAS - this may resolve the issue...



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Hey guys,

Well I spoke too soon.

The issue has reoccoured - not too long after my last post.  I've tested a few different scenarios - swapped out the NAS for a UNC path on my laptop - still the same issue.

I really need to leave it connected up via CAT5 to see if it is in fact the wifi dropping out.  If it is then to rule out issues with the cam I suppose it's time to swap out the router....

Anyone else reading this had the same problem since my last post?


I really need to leave it connected up via CAT5 to see if it is in fact the wifi dropping out.  If it is then to rule out issues with the cam I suppose it's time to swap out the router....

Did you get around to trying this? If so, did you see different results? I'm curious about this because I have never seen this issue before and I would really like to know what the cause is. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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