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WVC210 Motion detection.


Hello again.

I can't switch off the motion detection using the push-button on web page (see pic). It's works fine (I receive the intrusion file by e-mail) but when I click on pulse, the motion detection don't stop the service.

Please, help me!!


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Hi all,

I understand that this is a limitation of the software.

It would be nice if the on / off motion was possible by simply clicking on the button. Currently the only action brings the cam into position and can not be disabled.

It is disabled only by moving to another location, where there aren't windows of motion detection setting before.
I think it will be useful to disable the service without moving the eyes.

Paolo Pacia

Hi Paolo,

I have a WVC210 and took a peek at this when I saw your post.

I am actually running motion detection from the FREE SWVMS16 on a separate PC and also streaming FTP motion detection from the camera to an NSS, because as you probably observed, the email file attachments are alot and cost money (since they are so big) if they come to your mobile :-(

So just wanted to mention that that to me is the prefered way to manage up to 16 cameras and can be used remotely as well (just beware of the WAN bandwidth requirements).

But that button with the pulsing man on it.   That button really only is used"to have the camera moved to the  previously defined Motion Detection area" per the on line help.

As you probably learned, to enable and disable motion detection, you have to switch focus to a different screen.

But the SWVMS16 has this button as you require.  Where you can see the cameras and can enable/disable, while watching them all.

perhaps you should try this (again, its free).  You download it from the same place you find camera Firmware.

let me know what you think?

Steve D

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