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WVC210 - No Audio

I have a WVC210 on wireless network with an Apple Airport.  I can see the video fine on the network and have done port forwrding and see the video fine online using the DNS = port #.  Yet, in neither situations do I get audio. I have configured the camera to have Simplex-Listen only with microphone enabled.

Am I missing something?  Shouldn't I hear audio when connected directly via




Hello.  Which browser are you accessing the video from?  Only Internet Explorer supports MPEG4 with audio.  If you are using a MAC with Safari or Firefox, you are viewing the MJPEG video stream without audio.  Are you able to test using IE on a computer?

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So the audio for this camera only works on IE?  Well that makes it useless. I wouldn't use IE even if I used the Windows OS.

Same question, how can I listen to audio with Mac OSX Lion?

Hi smilla,

The web browser needs to have an ActiveX control installed to allow audio using the MPEG4 format. Unfortunately only Internet Explorer uses ActiveX. All other browsers access the MJPEG stream from the camera. I am not aware of any way to hear audio directly on the Mac OS. There may be a third party IP camera monitoring/recording application out there that can work with the WVC210 on a Mac.

I use Parallels myself and I have Windows 7 installed as a virtual machine. I can access my WVC210s using IE and the included Video Monitoring Software. I only mention this because I happen to have my Macbook Pro set up this way and it works.

I also have an Android phone and I am able to hear the audio from my cameras using an App called IP Cam Viewer. There is an iPhone version of this software called IP Camera Viewer. Since it is clearly possible to develop a non-windows application that allows audio support I am sure there is something out there for OSX.

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