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WVC210 Software question


Can the software that comes with this camera be configured as a continuous loop mode to overwrite after 20 or 30 days or so? Basically so you do not run out of drive space.  Does the software create individual files as motion is detected or is a continuous type setup?

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Rising star

Hi Bruce,

The software does allow you to overwrite old video files:

The motion detection video is recorded the same as other video when you use the software. It records in .dat format and can be played back using the software. From the playback software it is very easy to select video and export it to another format, such as .avi. Once video is exported it can be played with Windows Media Player, VLC, etc. and can also be edited if necessary.

You can also enable motion detection directly from the camera web interface and it will record individual files in .avi, .3GP, .mp4 or .jpeg format. These files can be played back in most media players and the camera can email these files to you when it detects motion and/or record them directly to a NAS, FTP server or computer. The camera is capable of sending 5 seconds of video and audio per recording. If there is continuous motion you can have the camera send multiple emails.

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