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WVC210 - Web Gui

I was wondering if there was any way to skin the web interface. I can see/save the html source code, but I'm unsure as how to get it back onto the camera. I'd like to do this because I feel that some of the icons could be smaller. I use my phone a lot to watch the wvc210 and think it'd be great to scale the interface down a bit. Thanks!


As far as I know there is not a way to manipulate the GUI and load it back on the camera. At least not through conventional means. If you did manage to do this I would imagine that you would void your warranty in the process.

David Hornstein
Rising star

Hi Formlessone,

Check out the following link;

what about a different approach, rather than modify the camera firmware, what about having the application developers API.

I suspect that the developers API references for the PVC2300 may be pretty much similar to the WVC210.

See what you think, if you are a programmer, the API might help you to manipulate what you like in the application you create.

Have fun :)

regards Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help! Unfortunately, I can't access the link. It says I don't have the appropriate access level on to view the documentation. Is there any way you can email it to me?

Hi formlessone,

As a VAR who has purchased the equipment for your customer, you as a technician should or can be issued a Cisco login, via your Cisco Channel Account Manager(CAM) or Small Business Market Manager (SBMM).

From a Cisco perspective, your  login should be attached to your company name so that you have access to online support and downloads for products your company has purchased.

I have unicast my email address to you, we'll speak and see if we can resolve your login issue, so you can have access to the files.

regards Dave.

Hi Dave,

I've sent you an email and got an out of office reply, hopefully you'll have time to take a peek. Thanks again!

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You might find this review interesting:

Look for "Custom Pan/Tilt Web Page:" on page 2

Thanks for this, paired with the API that Dave graciously gave me, I'll be able to do the same thing. On that page it looks like the person who made the custom html page didn't have the API so he basically went hunting for the commands... =\ he laid out most of the groundwork, now it's just my turn to try to make it fit my needs a little better!

I'll be posting another topic, I just remembered another feature that was missing from this camera: Date/Time Restrictions!

hey there!

I hope you can help. I finally got around to sit down and toy with that guy's custom page. One thing that is really making me go crazy is how on the same page, you're able to click on a link and have it refresh the image src...

in order to call a mjpeg stream (I'm not even going to touch the ocx part of the camera's code) I'm using: "" which after a browser check, displays the video.mjpeg stream if it is NOT internet explorer. This is exactly what I want. Typing this into a browser shows the stream. Now to control it...

In order to control the camera, that person who created the custom page (and the API Dave gave me) explains that you have to have an [a href] tag pointed at ",#: where DIR is the direction (L,D, U,R) and # is equal to the number of steps to move the camera. Now here's my problem. Clicking on a link tells the browser to go to that link. So what happens is that when I click the link, the browser displays a blank page with the address: ",7" (in this instance, I clicked the left button). Since I'm coding in the same room as the camera, I can hear the camera move (and see the result, if I'm logged into the camera's actual page) but I only see a blank page in my custom ptz control page with the url of the link I clicked.

I'm pretty sure there is an easy solution, probably having to do with javascript or what not, but I can't seem to solve the problem. The API merely tells me the controls, but I'm just stuck at this road block trying to implement it. I even tried having the links target the iframe, which works, but instead of the entire page going blank, the iframe itself goes to that url (no display of the stream). I hope I'm making sense... I attached the html file... the "LEFT" link is me targeting the iframe...  the mjpeg.htm is the file I saved directly from the camera...thanks for any help!!