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Another SP200-50P with PoE issues, but we don't have a Cisco contract and can't RMA it. Any way to fix?

So like many other people, we have an SP200-50P PoE Switch that has the same PoE issues as most other people - the switch "works" but it takes 40-45 minutes to boot and the PoE doesn't work.  If going to a page for PoE stats or the settings, the device freezes and essentially takes another 40-45 minutes before it's reachable.


Unfortunately, we are a very small business and got this switch to help make our office network work better (VoIP phones, cameras, and devices) as our core switch.  We bought it at auction and while it was cheap, it wasn't free.  We have no contract with Cisco and no way to formally RMA it, which seems to be the general solution.  Plus, of course, the device is EOLed.


So is there anything to do for this or did we basically buy a non-PoE switch?  Updated firmware to and boot to, which I think are the latest versions listed.  Did the progressive upgrade to 1.3 something from the 1.1 something that it has when it arrived, but nothing seems to help.  Frustrated, and not very optimistic that we'll get this working as desired, but any help appreciate.



@hal_config_poe-A-POEFailDetected: POE ERROR(i2c_read_mem failed. adds 0x****, dev_num 0, val 0x0, retries 3) was detected..

This alert repeats (with different address values), +- every 3s.

The GUI become very slow, and also the boot time can take more than 40min.


I updated to FW version (boot:, but the alert stills.

I have NOT noticed a malfunction on its capabilities (the network is running without issues), but I'd like to know the meaning of this ALERT message, and HOW to corrected it.

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                                Quoting Ingrid Aragon

 Hello, I am one of the engineers from the Small Business team.

Henrique, this is clearly a known issue - CSCus40988.

There is no workaround suggested and the unit could be replaced if your device is entitled. Since your Cisco User ID is showing the location Brazil. This is the process:

1- A case needs to be open for the Small Business unit (contact number: 800 892 1019).
2- You will need to check with your point of sales for the replacement.
3- If the point of sales rejects the replacement, you can come to us.

The case is for tracking porpuses. I hope you find this information helpful.


                  - It seems that if you can't RMA the device , then you are at a dead end



Cisco Employee



Hi there,


The Sx200 series switches are covered by Cisco Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty - WARR-LIFE-RTF-HW. That means in case of a hardware failure and in the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Cisco hardware warranty support will be discontinued on the Last Date of Support (LDoS) published in the product End of Life Announcement which is October, 31 20203 ( You are entitled to hardware support so you can go ahead and contact our STAC technical support team and request RMA at:

Chat support:

and online case creation web page




Awesome, thanks.  We'll try to start that process today.