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Cisco SG300 as intervlan router and OSPF

Good day everyone.


We currently have two sites conected thru wlan link and using OSPF between them , simple setup 1 subnet per site.  we need to implement vlans on each site to have multiples network segments.  I did the following diagram of the actual and the possible future setup.


My doubdt is if we introduce SG300 at each site as L3 router for intervlan, we will need to discard OSPF and go thru manual routes?  is there a way the OSPF continue to work with the SG300 setup if so how could be done since in my limited knowledge the mikrotiks router would have to have ip address on each vlan to OSPF to work.


I hope to get additional help from your comments, thanks in advance.


Re: Cisco SG300 as intervlan router and OSPF



you cant run Dynamic routing protocols on SG300 switch.


Cisco SG 300 switch is a L2 switch having least feature but have Gig ports, SG 300 is not capable for routing for routing you must have to take cisco 34xx, 35xx 36xx multilayer switches which can run OSPF,EIGRP types of protoco

Zain Khan

Re: Cisco SG300 as intervlan router and OSPF


Re: Cisco SG300 as intervlan router and OSPF

@zvxcenter wrote:

Hello Zain,  yes you can setup SG300 as an L3 router.


Thanks for info Zvxcenter.. i just used in L2 mode in it but i will read about l3 mode

Zain Khan

Re: Cisco SG300 as intervlan router and OSPF

Hi there,

I assume it is a typo in your second diagram, but it shows the same subnets in use at both sites. If you are running a L2 connection between the sites there is no need for OSPF.

Lets assume they are different subnets at both sites...


At siteA the SG300 would need its default route pointing to Mikotek A. Mikotek A would need to have static routes configured for each of the VLANs routed on the siteA SG300. The Mikotek A OSPF process would then need to be configured to redistribute connected and statically configured routes. This would ensure Mikotek B knows about the siteA SG300 subnets.


The same configuration would need to be completed on the siteB side.





Re: Cisco SG300 as intervlan router and OSPF

Hello Seb thanks for reply. Sorry for the typo the subnets indeed are different in each site.

In understand your solutions and it seems a good one, since I did diagram a simple setup for ilustrative purpouses but in the real life will be about 10 subnets per site and this setup is for varios sites (kinda mesh setup) I would like to avoid setting routes manually if possible.

I was thinking if the workstations on each site use the SG300 as their default gateway and then on the mikrotik router add all the vlans interfaces with IP addresses connected to a trunk port to the cisco so all the intervlan routing happens on the SG300 and OSPF running on mikrotik publishes all the connected networks.

Thanks in advance.
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