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Cisco SG350 switch for Dante VLAN and Control VLAN routing problems


I have a Cisco SG350 that I need to create 2 VLANs.


VLAN1 ( is for a Crestron Control Subnet that has a Crestron processor, Matrix and other devices on it along with an outboard router and DHCP server connected.


VLAN2 ( is for a group of Shure MXA310 mics that are using Dante and also need to be controlled via TCPIP to the Control IP address from the Crestron processor and a DSP Primary Dante interface.

I created the two VLAN's and each works fine for the devices connected to the respective VLAN subnets. Devices on each subnet can ping each for each VLAN. The switch itself can ping devices on each VLAN but devices on VLAN1 cannot ping devices on VLAN2 and vice-versa.

IPv4 routing is enabled on the switch and an interface IP is assigned on each VLAN (VLAN1= and VLAN2  I have tried setting the gateway address on the VLAN1 hosts to either the router gateway or to the VLAN1 interface IP without success. I have a config text file of the switch and screenshots of the switch GUI if useful and someone can point me to my missing piece.


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high level - your subnet gateway should be as below :


1. for 192.168.10.X  Gateway need to be

2. for 192.168.12.X  Gateway need to be


i have observed one of the screenshot the gateway was ? not sure (is this DHCP ?)


try change as suggested and let me know how that goes?



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There is an external router on subnet that is at

try subnet with the gateway as mentioned and let us know.


configure your device (example with gateway) (example with gateway)


now ping from to vice versa ( make sure PC do not have any FW enabled ?)





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This has been tried previously for hosts in both VLAN's without success.

in that case, we need more information about your network Topology how they are connected ? do you one ?




if the devices are behind SG and SG processing routing, the device required to have gateway SG IP address.

If you pointing to another router as a gateway, that router should have routing back to SG to complete the routing.



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More than likely you are using a trunk port connecting to your router and passing the routing to the router instead of the L3 switch.  You need to use an access port to connect your router.  Show your routing table. 


Using your switch as L3 you need to use the L3 gateways not the router gateways and not trunk your switch to another router device.  The router will need to have routing statements pointing to the L3 switch for all not directly connected networks.  The L3 switch needs to point to the router for all unknown networks.


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