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Configuring a new SG350-10 Switch


I just took a new SG350-10 out of the box and am trying to do (what I thought would be) some simple things.

I'm configuring these switches for switching internet public addresses in a block.  Generally, this has required no configuration other than putting most of the ports on their own separate VLAN - no IP addresses or routing or anything like that.

Then, I'd add one or two ports for a management connection - that's where the device IP address would reside and, in the past it seemed to need to be done on VLAN1 - but I really don't care which VLAN it might be.

So, I set up VLAN 1 intending it be the management VLAN.

I set up VLAN 100 intending it be assigned to most ports for internet switching.

I also set up VLAN 99 for a mirror port perhaps.

The only trouble is: I can't change the VLAN1 IP address!!  It's effectively blocked or grayed out.

I did set up a VLAN 2 as suggested for temporary use in changing the IP address but that did no good.  Now I have two VLANs with static IP addresses that won't change no matter which one I'm connected to.

The instructions (here) also suggested setting up "routing" on the temporary vlan.  I don't find anything describing this process.  How does one do that?

This seems pretty involved to simply change the access IP address of a switch!!


Accepted Solutions

While I was waiting, I figured it out for myself.  Likely with some help.  Never did deal with the "routing" in doing this.  A bit tedious but not terrible:

1) Add a temporary VLAN.

2) Assign the new VLAN to a port.

3) Give it an IP address.

4) log into the new IP address on the assigned port for the new temporary VLAN.

5) Open IP Configuration \ IPv4 Interface

6) Delete the original VLAN with the unwanted IP address.

7) add a new member of the original VLAN using the wanted IP address.

Save it.

Thank goodness this is a workaround for a bug.  Soon, I hope, it should be fixed.


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That is the painful way around! But hey, it's like all that pre-Calc
algebra to do 'caclulus' then they teach you the derivative. Facepalm! I
knew it shouldn't be this hard.

So, figuring it out no matter the method has value. Then you can find & use
the most efficient method.

because this accomplishes your multi-step method in a single step:

interface vlan 1
ip address
no ip address dhcp

I replied right when I saw your question. Perhaps you didn't get it in time.

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VIP Guru VIP Guru
VIP Guru

Something like this:

interface vlan 1
ip address
no ip address dhcp