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Creating network with sr2024c switches


I'm new to this fibre networking. I received two Cisco SR2024c switches. I want to connect two buildings via fibre. I would like to know if the "sr2024" unmanaged switches will work to send data from one building to another. I'd plan on connecting the fibre to the miniGBIC ports on the switches.

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Re: Creating network with sr2024c switches

Hi Pierre,

Welcome and thank you for participating in the Cisco Small Business support forum. My name is Nico Muselle from Cisco Sofia S-TAC.

As for your question, it is definitely a good option to interconnect those switches with fiber if the distance between the switches is more than 100 meter.

For an overview of the SFP modules that could be used :

My advice would be to either use the MGBSX1 or MGBLX1 modules on both switches to have them connected at Gigabit speed.

Hope this helped.

Best regards,

Nico Muselle

Sr. Networkk Engineer - CCNA


Re: Creating network with sr2024c switches

Thanks for you response!

I have a miniGBIC 'card' connected to the miniGBIC1 on both cisco switches.  I've attached a PIC of the miniGBIC cards i've used/got.

Would i need to setup a server to get the data transfer and DHCP going, because when i connect my Macbook to a port on either end its self assigning an IP address?


Re: Creating network with sr2024c switches


The SFP modules in the picture are not Cisco Small Business modules from the list I sent you, therefor, it is not sure whether they will work or not. You can verify this of course by checking whether the led lights come up  when you connect your fibre cable.

A DHCP server is not really necessary if you assign a static IP address to your computer and the computer where you want to transfer the date to, although it makes life a little easier if you do have one.

If you could give me a little description of what exactly it is you want achieve, I could help you by telling you what to configure on which location. A little explanation of the desired network topology would be helpful.

Best regards,

Nico Muselle

Sr. Network Engineer - CCNA


Re: Creating network with sr2024c switches

Okay, I see if i could be precise as possible. I knew they werent CISCO SFP Modules, but they do work however

We do HD video recording in our church. However our "studio" is another building a few hundred feet away. Everytime we need to tranfer hundrd's of GB of files it a tiresome process of copying files to external hardrive to carry up in the studio. So we want to create a link between the two buildings to have data transfer quickly and easily

We plan on putting a Drobo  in the studio, for "central" data storage, so we can get files no matter which building we are in.

We mostly use Mac computers but there are a few Windows PC in the mix. I can also get my hands on a used IBM server or buy Snow Leopard Server software and use a MacPro as a server.