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Network monitoring tools

Hi all,

I am a network engineer at a company with more than 300 Cisco switches to monitor and maintain.

Would someone have a recommendation on a monitoring software providing details such as network topology and links?

Please advise.

Thank you in advance


Re: Network monitoring tools

Hi Andy,

If you have small number of small business switch [under 10], you can use Cisco Configuration Assistant for simple tasks such as basic discover topology and monitor link.

Thanks for tkatsiaounis's reminder that CCA can only support limited number of small bussiness switches.

For large number of switches, please use Prime LMS as tkatsiaounis suggested: Small Business 300Series Managed Switches


Network monitoring tools

Unfortunately you have many switches for an SMB tool to work You could also use Cisco Network Assistant

but it works for only up to 50 devices. In your case with 300 switches i would recomend a Cisco LMS like Prime.

Check here it might be of more help


Network monitoring tools

You may consider onplus service as well.

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Re: Network monitoring tools

Easy answer, Solar Winds! If you are looking for a free product, then you could use MRTG, or NMIS. But, if you are serious about monitoring your network, Solar Winds is the way to go, you can monitor servers, VM's Switches Routers etc. If it has an IP address, you can monitor it with Solar Winds.I have used their products a number of times in the past. They have great support. I use their free tools as well.

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Re: Network monitoring tools

Hy.can solar winds provide automatically network map ,if we have no any credentials of snmp telnet ssh etc?

Hello guys,        I've read

Hello guys,
I've read the post and I was wondering if someone have heard about Pandora FMS? I want to monitor several devices (including Cisco routers) and wanted some impresions about this tool. Do you know something about it?

Thanks for the feedback!


Hey Aleister, I came across

Hey Aleister, I came across with this thread. I have a deep understanding of Pandora FMS. I don't know if you are still checking it out. We have our cisco infraestrcuture fully monitored with Pandora FMS. I strongly recommend you to check it out in case you need network monitoring aid.

Check more information about monitoring cisco with Pandora FMS here and here

For network monitoring you can check this page:

Hope it helps


Re: Network monitoring tools

What about the tool we use: CloudView NMS . It can monitor pretty much anything plugged into your network or public Internet, including special GUI for Cisco devices.  Network Monitoring: view of your whole network topology, switches, routers, firewalls, mobile devices, any other network devices, availability (health, up-time, OK status). Unlimited number of free SNMP probes (you can either compile private MIBs or using raw SNMP OIDs). They do not charge per network size! Server Monitoring: websites (uptime, changes patterns) CPU Load, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Bandwidth, Cloud Services, Web Page/Site, Layer-7 services (SQL,SSH, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS....). Both agent-less and agent-oriented monitoring is available. Applications monitoring,Quality of Service monitoring, Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring. Environment monitoring: temperature, humidity, etc..., SCADA devices monitoring. And they do not charge per networks size