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Only Internet Access from SRW 2024 and WRT610


I am loking a solution for internet access for Guest users.

Currently we are in a cable network now. I have added 1 WRT610 wireless router for few users. they are using proper access with my local servers and Internet as wel.

My query is If any Guest users ask for Internet connection how do i provide the same with secure practice...!

If it can be possible via VLAN on SRW2024 switch pls suggest step-by-step activity.

using this both devices can i achive my goal?



It would help greatly to have a network topology. Are you going to need Wireless for your private network? You might beable to set the SRW to layer 3 mode and do inter-vlan routing and use ACL's to block certain traffic, but to give you a step by step configuration we would need more information.

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security

Hi Randy !

Thanks for your reply... Currently Our few users Using Wireless for local server connectivity from My WRT610.

Now i wnat to configure the setting s for guest they can access internet from WRT610 but cant access my Local servers.

please tell me what information you need from my side?

It dosn't look like that AP has VLAN or Trunking support, you most will not be able to have both guests and local users on the same AP and block only the guests from the local LAN without the AP sporting Trunking or VLAN's

I would recommend a AP that can do Multiple SSID's and Trunking.

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security

Can WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point resolve my query...!

No  Swapril,

Having a VLANable WAP such as the older WAP4410N or even the newer WAP121 or WAP321 or AP541 will get network segmentation out to the switch egress port that leads to the WRT610N BUT NOT TO THE WRT610N

I do not believe the WRT610N is VLAN capable with native firmware. This is part of the problem.

To achieve what you want , you also need to use;

  • A VLAN-able router such as maybe the RV180 or  RV180Wor  RV220W  SA500 or ISR881 etc..  All these routers are VLAN capable and will supply a different DHCP scopes to the seperate VLANs.

  • A VLAN-able WAP as mentioned before
  • Your current SRW2024 switch

You can the  use your older SRW2024 switch ( replaced by SG300 series ordering p/n  SRW2024-K9 ) to provide ACL functionality to restrict access between the guest network and the corporate network.

hope this helps, maybe not the answer you wanted to hear. If someone has a better one please dive in.

regards Dave

Thanks David !

Your shared Information surely helpful for me !

Only one confirmation can you tell me the SRW2024-k9 has layer 3 mode. this can be activated?

Hi Swapril,

A couple of ways to put a switch into layer 3 mode, as per the admin guide..

The built in  menu is the easiest  way of performing that task.  It can be accessed via the console cable or via enabling the telnet service on the switch, via the GUI. (As a security precaution, telnet is disabled on the switch by default)


Step 1.  Type 'menu'  from the Textview CLI interface,  to get to the switch main menu. Select the system mode option.

Step 2.    edit the information to change the switch mode  from layer 2 to layer 3 mode.

But Swapnil, this will create another issue for you, as you will have multiple IP networks on the LAN switch. But you to still supply DHCP services to this extra IP network,  the guest VLAN.

I don't believe that the WRT610N with it's default firmware will support multiple DHCP scopes or respond to a DHCP relay request from the SRW2024-K9..

Still think you need a VLAN aware WAN router that  supports multiple VLANs.

regards dave