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Password lost after firmware update v1.2.7.76 (SG300-20)

Boudewijn Plomp

I have a problem. Yesterday I have upgraded both my SG300-20 switches to firmware v1.2.7.76. Now I cannot login on of my switches, unknown username and password. I am absolutly sure I have the password, because they are the same and I just upgraded it. I have re-booted the switch, but without any luck.

Is this a known issue?


Tom Watts

Hi Boudewijn,

I personally haven't seent this behavior as of yet. I've done 6 upgraded on the SX300 series and 4 on the SX500 series. The good news is, there is nothing lost if you have the ability to console the unit.

If you console the unit there is a password bypass option

1)Bits per seconds: 115200

Databits: 8

Partiy: None

Stop bits:1

Flow control: None

2) Reboot the switch, just unplug the power and plug it back in

3) When prompted, press ESC

4.) I beleive it is option 6 that is "password recovery"

Once you choose this option, the switch should boot as normal and you may sign in without the admin password.

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