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Set static IP on SG350-28P

In An SG350-28P, using the latest firmware,, I find no way to set the static IP on an SG350-28P.  IP Configuration -> IPv4 Management and Interface -> IPv4 Interface -> select VLAN 1 -> Edit -> Static is hard coded and cannot be changed.


The switch powers up in factory default as DHCP and when you change it to static, as all infrastructure devices should be, it hard codes the DHCP address instantly creating a potential DHCP conflict.  In no other switch have I seen no way to edit the static IP and given this design would create a DHCP conflict on every LAN it seems a bit strange that it's this way.  I guess I could create a static reservation, reboot the switch and let it pull that then change to static, but that seems to be an awful lot of work for what should be a 5 second change in the mgt interface. 


Using telnet I'm still unable to change the IP:


SG350-28P(config)#interface vlan 1
SG350-28P(config-if)#ip address
Duplicate IP subnet. Subnet with mask is in use by interface 1.


Am I just missing it?  Any thoughts?



Cisco Employee

Hello Terabyte,

I guess the easiest would be to use serial console as you would not be using any IP to connect to. You may simply delete any IP and create the desired on on the interface you would like.


If no serial is possible then the workaround would be to use temporary IP address from different subnet, perhaps on different interface than VLAN 1 and go back to the desired subnet in the next step. This will cause connectivity lost every time you change IP address, and will also require changing on the connected PC as well to follow.


I hope this helps a bit.




Hi !
I have the same problem, I m very surprise we cannot make an easiest thing in http mode.... do you think you ll be able to activate this simple tool on next firmware ?
Thank you

With the SG300-28 switch if you start from a factory reset and don't plug it into a network it will use an IP of  Plug in your workstation to the switch off network and you can change the IP.  You of course need to use an IP on your workstation in the same network as


I don't know if the SG350-28 is the same or not, but you could try it.


Thanks for your help... but sg300 and sg350 don't have the same options in the gui.

The page « management interface/ipv4 interface » doesn't exist on the sg350...

I upgrade the firmware in the last version of course.

Now, we need to go in "ip configuration / ipv4 interface" but we cannot edit the ip directly. We must add an other IP, on an other subnet, and on an other port... delete the old one, recreate a new one in the good subnet....

so it s not user friendly lol !

For now the best solution for me seems to load a configuration file with the ip address edited ;)

Maybe there's an other tips, but i didn't find it for now

So I hope Cisco will recreate « management interface/ipv4 interface » asap



This is from the product manager.  No need to go the round-about way of adding an IP on a different subnet or using a serial cable:


"You can actually change the IP address from DHCP to static by adding a static IP address for VLAN 1 in the GUI (IP Configuration -> IPv4 Management and Interface -> IPv4 Interface). When the static IP is added, the entry for DHCP will automatically be replaced. This can also be done with CLI."


We are not asking how to change a DHCP to a STATIC, we are trying to figure out how to change a static address to a different static address on the same subnet.


I have several SG350-28MP switches.

Configure one completely and it has an IP of

Take a backup of the config from that 202 switch.

Apply the config, but I can not change the IP from 202 to 204.

Tried adding one like you showed but, it gives the error "duplicate IP subnet. Subnet with mask is in use by interface VLAN 1"


(Preferred Method if it only worked)

Copy the config and edit it to change the IP from 202 to 204 and save it. 

Apply the config to the switch and it gives "Copy completed with errors." and the IP is not changed.


Using the wizard gives the same error "Duplicate IP subnet. Subnet with mask is in use by interface VLAN 1."


So it sounds like the long process is the only process?



I have same problems on SG350-10. I can't change the initial IP.
Does someone find the solution ?

Hello I make a pdf file with a solution… not the best one but it works


Thanks Ludo,
But it doesn't work for me, The switch bug, and I have to unplug power to reboot it.

I finally find the solution for my problem : I do a file text and upgrade configuration.
Here is the link :



Thanks, this article solved the issue I had with a wrong-configured SG350 on a remote location.


It would be nice if there was also a CLI based procedure....



Happy New 2019 Year!

Lets say you want to change the IP to

Here are the CLI commands:

switchxxxxxx(config)# interface vlan 1
switchxxxxxx(config-if)# ip address

If you want to download the CLI guide - link:


IP Addressing Commands starts on page 503


As for the editing the existing IP maybe you can try to remove the existing IP before that:

switchxxxxxx(config-if)# no ip address 

and then assign the new one:

switchxxxxxx(config-if)# ip address


Hope it helps





With all due respect, it's still ridiculous that this can't be done in the GUI and/or during the startup wizard.  There's literally no justification to have it the way it is other than someone at Cisco overlooked a very basic, fundamental ability.  That you would even suggest this:


Is unbelievable for a small business device.  If this were an enterprise switch, maybe, but to ask a small business owner to do something like this, something that if done incorrectly could render the switch unusable until reset, just makes no sense.


On the IPv4 Interface page just hit the "Add..." button.

Then select which VLAN you want to affect.

Select the "Static IP Address" radio button and you should then have the ability to define an IP.


On that IPv4 Interface page:

You only use the check box on the left and hit the "Edit..." button for adjusting the mask after the IP and mask have already been "born" into existance I suppose.


...Chalk it up to job security.