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SF-300 Switch

Dear All,

I have some problem in my small network.

I have 2 SF-300 48 port switches and connected to 847 router for intervlan routing.  I configure 7 vlan in SW1 and uplink to SW2 with trunkport. 

The problem is that if i used default gateway for users ip address of interface (vlan interface) is ok.  I bring two adsl modem and connected to vlan1 and vlan2 for internet access.  When i connected this two modem vlan 1 and vlan 2 are not going to access other vlan 3,4,5,6,7 and wise versa.

vlan1 users getting default gateway from adsl modem ip,  how i can permit this two vlan should to access other vlan 3,4,5,6,7 and 3,4,5,6,7 should access to internet also.

anybody can help me please i put configuration.


HI anybody can help me about my problem please,


Hi Mr, to try to fix this, you can have the switch doing DHCP for you on the latest firmware.

On my switch I have vlan 1 and 2 vlan. I set up DHCP to service through my vlan 2.

My vlan 1 is

My vlan 2 is

config t

vlan database

vlan 2

int vlan 1

ipaddress /24

int vlan 2

ip address /24

ip dhcp server

ip dhcp pool network vlan 2

address low high

lease infinite  <-- make the least time to not expire

default-router  <--- specifies the vlan 2 SVI as the gateway

dns-server <-- I chose random DNS

You  can set up dhcp pools for every vlan and have the switch assign the  connecting clients the IP within the SVI they connect to. Then to make  the modem work you will need a static route pointing back to the switch  to be able to route the traffic.

If you need a visual effect for a router that doesn't support vlans please look at this topic-

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi tom,

thank for your email,  i was try to put static route in the modem like this

ip  route    Wan interface ip address of Modem  --------------> SVI ip address

but this is not working.  i can do internvlan routing by removing 827 router or it required 827 router for intervlan routing.

I create 7 vlan in sf300 and bring two internet modem and connected directly in vlan 1 and vlan 2.   Vlan 1 and 2 are getting internet but they will not communicate with 3 and 4 and 5 vlan .

I need to communicate this vlan 1 and 2 should be communicate with other vlan, i dont need internet for 3,4,5 vlan.


If you're not getting intervlan communication on vlan 1/2 its because your modems are giving dhcp and it is giving a default gateway of the modem not the switch SVI.

You may try to set up DHCP on the switch for the vlan 1 and 2 based off the example provided previously. If vlan 3,4,5 do not need internet then static route on the modems shouldn't matter.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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