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SG250-08HP Boot Loop


I have a brand new SG250-08HP that was working fine for the last week and then ive gone to power it on and now its stuck in a boot loop where the startup config will load and then 10 seconds later all the ports shutdown and then the unit reboots all over again.


Ive tried multiple attempts at resetting using the reset pin but with no success.


Could a faulty port be causing this? any ideas?




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   - Please post console output as seen during problem-window and or provide screenshot.



I am having this problem too. It's the fourth switch with this behaviour now.

All of them were configured with some VLANs and trunkports and stuff. After they were powered off by pulling the power supply they suddenly don't want to boot anymore. They are starting up, all LEDs are flashing and then about 1 minute later, same procedure again... boot loop...

It is not possible to reset the switch and it is not possible to ping the default ip nor the previous configured one.

I had to return all the switches to our salescompany for a replacement.

How is this possible? Those switches were in use for like 3 months and now they are dying allmost all together.


And by the way, the SG250-08 doesn't have a console interface. So it is not possible to see what the switch does while booting up.

Does anyone know more about this?

Mine ended up going back to Cisco on RMA. received replacement a few days later. I’m hoping my other ones don’t start playing up. Really frustrating that you can not console into these units to see what’s going on. Fingers crossed.

Yes it is really frustrating. At the moment I don't want to touch those switch or reboot them, because it could lead to another boot loop.
To me it sounds like a bigger problem, it can't be a coincidence ...
I am going to replace one with a new SG250 today which died two days ago. Hopefully this one will survive.

If the problem persist, we are going to replace all of those SG250 with SG350 or C2960L models.


 - If there is no console available then try configure logging to a syslog server, followup on logged-messages during normal production and also before after and during the boot-loop.


Abit hard to do a syslog config when we don’t have access to the unit through console.


 - I thought on this platform it could be done through GUI or else CLI, of course if the boot-loop is in place and or continuous then this becomes difficult, indeed.


wow...thats exactly what happened to mine. was basically brand new...not even 2months old. had similar config and to this day I still think it was power related issue that corrupted.

I still have 3 of these units so i hope i dont have issues with the other two. Cisco replaced my other one on RMA which was great.



Cisco Employee



Since, the device seems to be rebooting on its own-it seems there might be a hardware failure with the device. Please call the SBSC to get a case opened and they will help you with the replacement of this switch.


Cisco Support Frontline Phone Number: 000-800-040-1521

Cisco Support Worldwide Contacts:

Hello Samanzoo


Thanks for your reply. As you can read above Duncanunderwood and I have already replaced those faulty switches by our reseller.

But how is it possible that those switches all have the same issue? Even though they are brand new and were online only for a few weeks. I believe there must be a production issue or something. We are probalby not the only ones who are having this problem.

Does Cisco know anything about it or is there something you have already discovered?


Cisco didnt say there was a batch issue or anything. Just sent me out a new one and that was it.

does seem odd though for sure. Be great to hear from someone at cisco to confirm this. I dont think i will be buying anymore of these particular models which is a shame. Especially being they dont even have a console port which is so odd.

Thanks. But this got RMA over two weeks ago. Better late than never :)

This is still happening, in September 2021. The SG250-08HP was working fine for a few weeks (after upgrading to the most recent firmware, from

v2.5.0.83 to v2.5.7.85), then it stopped working. It is not the power supply, it is the switch itself, and it gets stuck in a loop trying to boot. Cisco was great on quickly replacing this, but this known problem should be better documented so we don't all waste so much time on figuring out the problem and getting it replaced.

It is sad that this is still happening. Sounds exactly like the problem I had with them.


We don't buy them anymore. We replaced all of them with a Cisco Catalyst C1000-8P-2G-L.

There wasn't a single problem since then. Everything works as it shoud.

I asked Cisco why this problem is still happening and what they going to do about it. Unfortunately the couldn't give me a real answer.

They only thing they said was that the switches should be used in "conditions of the operating environment comply with the recommendations"... Thanks for that...


I can only recommend to move from the SG-line to Catalyst. Live is to short to waste your time and nerves with these little faulty switches...